Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sylvie Leclerc sentenced to 9 years in prison for the murder of her companion – Liberation

Sylvie Leclerc, a fifties judged from Monday in Nancy in 2012 for killing his companion of a gun, was sentenced Thursday to nine years in prison. Next requisitions of the General Counsel, the court held that the judgment of the accused had not been abolished, but altered at the time of the murder, she claimed to have committed to free himself from the grip of the man .

“a painful life and chronic depression created in her the impression that there was no other way,” , stressed before the court of foundations of Meurthe-et-Moselle General Counsel Marie-Claude Weiss, stating that it does not wish to “add misfortune to misfortune, because Mme Leclerc, misfortune is tenacious and happiness is fleeting.”

“I loved and I still love it. He is always there. I need him. This much I miss “, was launched on Thursday Sylvie Leclerc, before apologizing to his Aude daughter, who answered him:. ” you’re forgiven Mom “

“Stockholm Syndrome”

During these four days of hearings, the accused was presented by its advocates as a new Jacqueline Wild, this woman became a symbol of domestic violence after his conviction in December Blois to 10 years in prison for murdering her abusive husband, but later received a partial presidential pardon. Defended by the same lawyers that Jacqueline Wild, Sylvie Leclerc tried to explain to the court how he had become necessary to him “free” from the grasp of her companion, she was shot dead in his bed, a bullet fired at close range.

This garbage man of 58 years of which she shared life for 35 years as it was a be “jealous” and “choleric” , which insulted and forced to long and painful intercourse. The daughter of Sylvie and Gérard Leclerc Schahan, Aude, 27, told the court that his mother had “well done” to kill his father because “It was the only after “. “My father had a grip on my mother, me and everyone around [...] It made me very afraid, even if he never hit me” Has -she added.

the discussions, however, also highlighted the complex relationship between the accused and the victim. Sylvie Leclerc was “more a prisoner of its own dependence of the objective influence of spouse” , has pointed to the bar an expert psychiatrist, Dr. Jacques Henry. Another expert, Dr. Francis Boquel, the accused “developed the hostage syndrome or syndrome of Stockholm, to which was added an accommodation syndrome” .

on Thursday, the civil party lawyers have complained that Sylvie Leclerc seeks to sully the memory of his friend to explain his actions.



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