Sunday, March 27, 2016

High school student hit by a police officer: young prey on two Parisian police – La Montagne

The Offices of the tenth and nineteenth arrondissements of Paris were Friday stones pelted and degradation by high school students, who denounced his treatment the day before by a comrade hit by a policeman. One person was arrested.

A video went viral on social networks, shows a police officer dealing a severe blow to a student of Bergson school, mastered by another official. This took place on the sidelines of demonstrations against the bill on labor, which gathered Thursday tens of thousands of young people and employees.

On Friday, dozens of youths threw stones against the Commission of nineteenth and tried to break his armored windows using wooden boards as a battering ram, while the police were entrenched inside, said a journalist from AFP.

thirty policemen holding riot took place in front of the police station, several windows are cracked, and the facade of which was tagged “Death to the cops.”

A person was arrested “for downgrades on the nineteenth district police,” the police department.

“Several stores were looted,” he -t she added.

The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, on Friday launched a “call for calm”, acknowledging “the legitimate emotion aroused by youth in this aggression,” while demanding “that police, working with our security in a challenging environment, are fully respected. “

the demonstrators had left the Bergson school in the nineteenth arrondissement, where a hundred students had previously gathered peacefully from 8:00, saying “shocked” by the image of their comrade hit yesterday by a policeman, while young people tried to block their establishment to challenge the Labour Act

-. Behaviors ‘criminally reprehensible’ –

“the thugs came and motivated some young people, who have no hope and go into a spin,” said Belhassen, a student

“These acts of vandalism are being investigated by the police to identify the perpetrators and hand them over to justice,” warned the police headquarters, denouncing the “criminal misconduct “.

Shortly before the attack on the police station of the nineteenth arrondissement, a group of several dozen young people went to the central police station of the tenth, burning smoke, overturning garbage cans and fences and throwing projectiles against the facade.

“Many high school students Bergson not condoned the violent aspect, that people can get their movement, there are people wearing masks,” said a representative of schoolgirl Fidl organization.

the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve condemned the “violence” of “some opportunistic thugs”.

“in the same way, the forces the order must be in an environment where some seek confrontation, absolutely relentless and copies, “he said.

Calling it” unacceptable act “punch the officer, he recalled the opening of the Paris prosecutor’s investigation entrusted to IGPN, the “police of the police”. “I will never tolerate any difference,” he assured.

The Prefect of Police of Paris, Michel Cadot, said Friday was “shocked”. “If there was a fault, it will be sanctioned.” “There was no doubt from these provocations students, but that does not justify the security forces do not control their behavior in action.”

A police officer had to be auditioned Friday afternoon.

interviewed Thursday Meanwhile, the high school student aged 15, testified Friday on various media, saying feel “a sense of injustice.”

“We were manifesting and threw eggs. There is a police officer who attacked one in the head. (…) There is one, it m ‘dark has it. he hit me on the ground, after he told me + Get up, get up + and he put a fist. I felt him move, I was dizzy , “he said.


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