Sunday, March 27, 2016

Calvados: some interventions firefighters will be paid – Midi Libre

R aking some interventions made by firefighters, Pay. It is the decision that was taken in Caen Monday, March 21 by the departmental service of fire and emergency.

241 euros for a person who contacts the fire department to be relieved after a fall, 463 euros in case of fire alarm in a private or business so that ‘no fire broke out, some crying foul in Caen after the decision to make some interventions Pay firefighters found the newspaper West France .

The decision was taken at the board of the county fire and rescue service Monday, March 21 the newspaper. In Calvados, it will be necessary to pay to use certain services of firefighters.

The unions screaming foul

unions representing firefighters yelled scandal following the vote of these measures, a habit for two years in the conflicts between the leadership of the county fire and rescue service firefighters specify our colleagues.

Eric Vève, county councilor PS of Calvados: “Ask for prices as high as users of the public security service and that is totally unacceptable,” already existing taxes “to finance this public service. ” The fee schedule that has procured West France , should apply from 1 April. If surprised, the decision to make some paid services is not entirely new. It already applies in certain cases such as the capture of animals or the destruction of honeycomb or wasps.


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