Saturday, March 26, 2016

shoot rooms: experimentation will be able to start in Paris and Strasbourg –

Paris (AFP) – The experiment of “shooting galleries”, or safer consumption rooms (SCMR) will be able to officially start after a decree published Friday in the Official Gazette

“L. decree published today sets out concrete modalities (presence of medical equipment, hours, running the home consultation, etc.) that must comply with the carrier associations SCMR projects in conjunction with local communities ” says the health ministry in a statement.

the principle of the experiment of shooting galleries included in the health law adopted last December by Parliament.

experiments d a period of six years should start fairly quickly in Paris and Strasbourg. They could extend later to other cities.

“This is by no means trivializing drug use. But close its eyes to such social reality and health do will not eliminate the problem. France therefore decided to include rather than exclude. to accompany, rather than stigmatizing, “said the health Minister Marisol Touraine.

with the launch this experimentation, France joined the many countries (Australia, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland) where such spaces have proven their effectiveness in recent years.

“foreign experience has shown that SCMR allow users to receive specific advice, thus inducing a reduction in risky behavior, fatal overdoses and sometimes to the accompaniment of substitution treatment,” notes the release.

Asked about the concerns of residents, Ms Touraine said in an interview in Paris that “trade” were to take place and that “all the information” would be made to them. “You should know that there will not be without agreement concluded suite, including police services, roads and the judiciary,” she said.

Paris the “shoot hall” will be installed in the premises of the hospital Lariboisière, which “should reassure,” according to the minister.

“shooting galleries” will be reserved for major addicts benefit of “conditions of safe injection and sterile equipment” and can have contact with health professionals, the ministry said.


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