Saturday, March 26, 2016

Argenteuil, a “French Molenbeek”? The mayor wins! – Point

“Argenteuil is not Molenbeek. “When it comes to defending his city, Mayor Republicans, Georges Mothron, is ready for anything … even knock out a member of his political family. At the micro Europe 1 Friday morning, the aedile warmly prevailed against the member of the Yonne, Guillaume Larrivé, who described Argenteuil as a “French Molenbeek.” A controversial exit that followed the counter-terrorist operation in the city on Thursday night.

“There are French Molenbeek,” said Guillaume Larrivé on iTV, while targeting Argenteuil. “It’s obviously a place where the situation has drifted … Common law Homeboys have forged ties with jihadist movement. This is obviously not the only one, “said the elected spokesperson of the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, sparking outrage from Georges Mothron. “Argenteuil is not Molenbeek. It is most unfortunate that members of my party can make such a comparison, “has annoyed the mayor of this town of Val-d’Oise, interviewed on Europe 1.

” This is a apparatchik “

Soon after the discovery of explosives in an apartment-General Delambre boulevard, the mayor had also sought reassurance:” the suspect rented the apartment recently. He was not registered on the electoral lists of Argenteuil. It is important to mention that no one in the building knew him “, said Georges Mothron, at a press conference. So when Guillaume Larrivé tackle his commune, the mayor goes on the attack: “What separates me from him is that it’s an apparatchik” has annoyed Georges Mothron, noting that he “knows not the ground. ” “It is regrettable to talk about things he does not know. “

If the elected official was keen to get his message on the air, he reiterated on social networks:” I deny that there are areas of lawlessness in Argenteuil! I drive at any time in any neighborhood without difficulty! “Wrote the mayor on Twitter.

The same debate took place about Trappes, just a few days. On RMC, Patrice Ribeiro, a police union Synergie officers, had claimed that the Hexagon were “a number of Molenbeek” including the city of Yvelines. A comparison that did not please Rabeh Ali, the deputy youth and sports of the city of Trappes.


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