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” people have been or are victims of sexual abuse from officials Church. Their suffering is long term. A host team, on behalf of the bishop initiate a dialogue with them and seek a future path, “reads a placard by the diocese of Orleans earlier this week in all churches Loiret

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 Under the leadership of Bishop Jacques Blaquart, the diocese of Orleans has set up a helpline to help victims of pedophile priests. Unique in France “Listen injury” meets a hotline and an email address.

Operational before the pedophilia cases in Lyon

“The idea was launched by the Bishop ago over a year, following a meeting with a victim of sexual assault. He was deeply touched by their suffering, including the spiritual, and the pain of not being able to talk, which is added to the facts themselves, “said the director of communications of the Diocese, John . -Pierre Evelin

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 The diocese now wants to communicate more among the faithful that “listening cell” operating for several months, well before the recent revelations of pedophilia in the diocese of Lyon. A cell that consists currently of six volunteers, including a psychologist, a priest, a deacon and a nurse. To date, four calls were received

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If recent events reporting, Bishop seize justice

“people are offered appointments and external psychological help if needed. Often the facts are ancient, because the victims take a very long talk. But if recent events reporting, Bishop seize justice, “says the director of communication.

At the last plenary assembly of the bishops of France mid-March to Lourdes, Bishop has Blaquart discussed the functioning of the monitoring unit with its counterparts. These have proved “very interested”, says the diocese which ensures that the Orléans experience could inspire colleagues.

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