Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Strasbourg: the floor requires life against the “choke” – Le Point

Accused of killing by strangulation a 17 year old girl and raping and attempting to kill a 10 year old girl, both surprised in their sleep in 1986 at Strasbourg, Nicolas Charbonnier, known as “choke” the risk perpetuity, required by the prosecution against him. “The time may well have happened, it does not reduce acute suffering” of victims and their families, said Advocate General Laurent Guy, addressing the jury of the Court of Assizes of the Lower Rhine.

the accused, aged 53, “must face his past, a past that is still present of victims.” With “boundless selfishness,” he “totally denied his two victims,” ​​insisted the representative of the prosecution. One, Marion V., strangled and raped at the age of 10 and left for dead by her attacker survived, “but at what cost!” if he exclaimed, referring to the daily nightmares that the victim, now in his forties, came Friday to tell the bar, in a poignant account.

Questioned by an imprint

as for the other victim, Martine R., killed at 17, close to its sister Patricia who was sleeping in the adjacent room, she underwent further “barbarous acts”, since the accused s’ is “fun with her body” and “violated her dignity” in the stripping and cutting her pubic hair, said the magistrate. This is fundamental because if jurors do not retain these “barbaric acts”, the murder of Martine R. would be prescribed.

Nicolas Charbonnier is held since Thursday in Strasbourg for both crimes, stay long mysterious. He was finally arrested in 2013 and merged with a footprint he had left in 1986 on the site of one of his crimes.


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