Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A surrogate mother sentenced to one year suspended prison sentence for fraud – L’Express

A surrogate mother was sentenced Tuesday to a year suspended sentence by the criminal court of Blois for defrauding two gay couples who she has never called the children she had brought for them.

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She promised the same child to two couples and childbirth, she pointed to one of the couples that the baby was stillborn when he was actually handed over to other parents. The court was less severe than the floor, which had claimed at the hearing on January 26 sentenced to one year in prison, three months firm.

A first GPA unrequited

Dawn, a young woman of Vendôme (Loir-et-Cher) today aged 37, who presented under the euphemism of “prenatal nanny”, first came selflessly to aid couples in search of children. It is described by experts as suffering from “major emotional and educational deficiencies”, with “a very low self”. “I would rather be adopted by parents who have loved me as I was,” she said, bursting into tears at the hearing.

In 2008, while she has four children, she decided to hand her newborn fifth, unwanted, a girl, a couple of Parisians, without financial consideration. With this first experience, she then agreed to wear a baby for others, for a fee from 10 000 to 15 000.

Nearly one baby per year since 2008

In 2010, the young woman was responding to the announcement of a homosexual couple of Loire-Atlantique and accepted to carry their child in exchange for 15 000 euros. The delivery was scheduled for 21 March 2011 in Saint-Nazaire but it is not at the rendezvous and sends a text message to the couple by claiming that the child was stillborn. In reality, the infant, a boy, is in perfect health and was told another gay couple living in Luxembourg, to whom she had also promised the child for ten thousand.

In 2012, it still promises a baby to a homosexual couple to EUR 15 000 and again, after delivery to the polyclinic of La Chaussee-Saint-Victor (Loir-et-Cher), it ensures that the child died, but gave it to a heterosexual couple of Seine-Maritime, who also paid his performance.

In 2013, when she was arrested, she was in contact with three other couples and was indicted for fraud and attempted fraud.

The four couples, tried for incitement to child abandonment, were fined 2,000 euros suspended in accordance with the requirements of the parquet.


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