Thursday, March 24, 2016

Toulouse: employees forced to ask their toilet breaks by email – TF1

The tele-operators of the company Teleperformance located in Blagnac, a suburb of Toulouse , are forced to ask by email for permission to take a break, even to go to Toilet, denounced Wednesday Thierry Godec, representing CFDT of the company.
This obligation, which concerns some 200 of the 400 workers on the site, is the consequence of the setting Service Wednesday of a software “flow management calls” called CAV (virtual call center) at the request of a client, SFR, Numericable, said the union representative. The call center agents working for other customers are not affected by this software.
“A risk of non-response”

“This software actually requires call center work faster because it limits the time available for example to ‘historicize’ the call they just had,” lamented the union.

with this new software, the call center agent who wants a break in the calls with customers must now request permission by email. And whether it is a business reason to enter information or private, the recipient, the team leader, his partner or he says “vigiste” which is expected to give its approval, or no.
“it’s the same for all breaks, even physiological” denounced Thierry Godec, recalling that during his day work the employee has the entitled to a half-hour break for drinking, toileting, eating … “There is a risk of non-response. According to statistics, executives spend only 55% of their time on the computer. so if you fall on the 45% and you take another call that lasts an hour, you fart a cable, “he complains.
“I am 53 years old and since I left school I no longer request permission to go pee,” he added. A strike notice was filed on Friday from 14 hours to protest against this program.

VIDEO. Break the crust, drink a beer, toilets … These articles Unusual Labour Code


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