Saturday, March 26, 2016

High school student hit by a policeman, two supermarkets looted by hundreds of teenagers – BFMTV.COM

high school students who attacked police stations the tenth and nineteenth arrondissements of Paris, on Friday, did not stop there. After being dispersed by security forces, nearly 150 youths rampaging quite forced the doors of a Franprix supermarket nineteenth arrondissement of Paris, located on avenue Jean-Jaurès in Paris. Inside, high school students, mostly enrolled in high school Henry Bergson, have engaged in looting in order.

“On the way home from the police, thugs were there. They held the gates of the Franprix and told us to go fly. the people who were inside were afraid. on leaving, we went to distribute food to refugees from the Place Stalingrad. Well, it’s true, we kept a little for us, “says bluntly girl, who participated in the looting, at MetroNews which has obtained a video of the scene.

No damage but flights

a police source told our colleagues explained that a second store in the same boat, located near the Ourq channel, a hundred meters from Avenue Jean-Jaurès, was looted by the same group of teenagers.

“There is no concept of degradation. This is simply theft “adds the source told MetroNews .

The security forces, “scattered smooth demonstrators left the scene,” said the Paris police headquarters said in a statement, adding that “no one was arrested.”

The video that set fire to the powder

Earlier, this group of young people went to the central police station of the tenth district, burning smoke, toppling bins and barricades and throwing missiles against the facade. They had then traveled outside the police nineteenth, throwing stones and trying to break his armored glass using wooden boards as a battering ram, while the police were entrenched inside. Several windows of the police station were cracked, and “Death to the cops” was tagged on the facade.

The clashes erupted on the sidelines of a gathering of high school students Bergson, very angry against the treatment suffered the day before by a friend, violently beaten by a policeman on the sidelines demonstrations against the proposed labor law. A widely shared video on social networks, shows a police officer dealing a violent blow to a young student mastered by another official.


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