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England: a girl killed in a bouncy castle raised by wind – Health News .net



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A 7 year old girl died when the inflatable castle in which she played was lifted and carried away by a gust of wind.

This is Saturday at the carnival of the city of Harlow in the UK, the drama took place. According to our British colleagues from the Daily Mail, Summer, a little girl of 7 years, playing in a bouncy castle and when a sudden gust of wind took away the inflatable structure that is raised and rolled about 150 meters.

Drama during a carnival

the violent wind came spoil the party at Harlow in Essex. According to police, the little Summer playing in bouncy castle when it was swept and rolled nearly 150 meters. Despite a helicopter evacuation, the girl did not survive his many wounds. The autopsy has confirmed that the death is related to the multiple injuries from the accident.

Police launched an investigation and indicted the couple owner of the inflatable structure for gross negligence. Given the weather conditions including wind power that day, the structure would, according to a security expert, never have been inflated and commissioning.

An accident is not the first of its kind

Especially light and offering high wind resistance, inflatable structures such as the castle in question are sometimes washed away by gusts of wind. Already in May last year, the same funfair had experienced similar problems. However, there was no death during the first accident.

The Vendee was in 2014 known such episode. Two children aged two and four years were they too carried away by the inflatable structure. They did, however, was only slightly wounded.



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