Thursday, March 31, 2016

Green light for Belgian justice to surrender Salah Abdeslam to France – Le Parisien

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” He wants to work with the French authorities, “assured one of his lawyers, Cédric Moisse, while only survivor of the commando who killed 130 people in the French capital had refuge in silence the day after his arrest on 18 March in Brussels, after initially expressed.
the federal prosecutor went the hear in prison in Bruges (northwest), where Salah Abdeslam “consented” on the implementation of the European arrest warrant issued by France, told me Moisse.
therefore ” the transfer is allowed “and” the Belgian and French authorities decide after consulting the terms of this surrender, “said the Belgian federal prosecutor. “Except in exceptional circumstances”, it will be transferred to France “within ten days”, assured the French Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas.
French Belgian aged 26, Salah Abdeslam, little guy radicalized who grew up in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, seems the core network of the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) which sowed death in Paris last November and Brussels where 32 people died March 22. According the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, he “had a central role in the constitution of November 13 commandos” participating “in the arrival of a number of terrorists in Europe”, and “in the logistical preparation of these attacks “.
And he ferried at least that night the bombers of the Stade de France, outside Paris. Himself, in his first statements, played down his role. He also said he “wanted to blow himself up at the Stade de France” before “backtracking,” according to Molins.
– Airport ‘ready’ to reopen – Investigators
wonder if it was not quite responsible for the attack in the north of Paris mentioned in the claim of EI but that has not happened.
His arrest after more than four months on the run seems also according to investigators, have precipitated the triple suicide bombing at the airport and in the Brussels metro. in the Brussels apartment where the police left the airport of the attackers found explosives and wondered if Abdeslam was supposed to participate in attacks, perhaps with other target
a computer was also abandoned in a dustbin near this hideout. his analysis is still ongoing, shows that its owner had researched including on office and residence of the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, and parliament without the investigators can say “at this stage it was targeted, and there a threat to these places, “did we told AFP.
one or more suspects are sought after Brussels attacks, including the” man in the hat “, the third bomber of airport who left before the two suicide bombers detonate.
the reopening of the Zaventem airport in passenger traffic continues to be pushed back by the day. It is now “technically ready” for a partial recovery, but no commercial flight will not take place before Saturday.
Police unions have agitated Thursday night the threat of a strike, demanding that all persons arriving in the hall of temporary departures are checked beforehand. Michel has called for emergency talks with the police hierarchy, while a National Security Council had to decide Friday on a partial reopening.
sign that the terrorist threat continues to hang over Europe, a new Belgian-French police operation was conducted Thursday at Kortrijk, in the northwest of Belgium, in the separate investigation into a proposed attack foiled in France. in an area cordoned off by the police and the army, the police, equipped with metal detectors and accompanied by dogs, have especially searched the area around a house and a small wood. No arrest has occurred and investigators found no weapons or explosives.
French court had indicted Wednesday the main suspect of this “imminent terrorist action,” the French Reda Kriket, and men link to this folder are jailed in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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