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What is a school performance? –

Good or bad High School ? The schools have a reputation acquired by word of mouth, the charts published by the press, their success rate in the tank … Each year for 23 years, the Ministry of Education is trying to go beyond these sometimes summary rankings. Statisticians Ministry compile amount of criteria for establishing value added indicators of high schools (IVAL), which provide for each institution the rate for the baccalaureate according to the profile of students, and its ability to support young people to graduation .

These IVAL assess the proper action of each institution, eliminating external success factors in High school says Fabienne Rosenwald, Director of Directorate assessment, forecasting and performance (Depp), attached to the Ministry.

social origin

Among these external success factors include the social background of students (decisive weight particularly in France, on the outcome of education of a child), grade level at the finish in second (calculated from the marks obtained the patent, late in the third), the courses offered etc.

Other criteria, is it a High school “accompanist”, keeping a maximum number of students to the end and thus fighting against dropping out, even if it the young doubles?

IVAL 2016 passed through the mill almost all of the more than 4,000 public and private schools under contract in the country, professional, general and technological. They are published Wednesday, March 30 from 9:00 to the site

Ces indicators “are not a verdict” but tools, says director of Depp.

No recipe

And just what are they for? Rectors and principals use “as good practice” (for those who carry high value added), or as an incentive to “go and see what happens” (for those with a value very negative), she says.

are there key factors in the success of a High school ? A report of general inspections, published in late 2015, surveyed 71 institutions to answer this question

Conclusion of the study. There is no miracle, “but a combination of factors mutually reinforcing. ” With the theme “attention to children and the cohesion of the adult team”

Some features emerge:. The existence of an educational project which is not theoretical but that the team “is appropriate,” the use of a variety of accompaniments students, regularity of work given to high school students and told how demanding the quality of school life (everything concerning the students in the school outside the classroom) …

“the steering effect”

Team spirit and “the steering effect “(which refers to the impetus given by management) are often present in the positive value-added facilities, while weakness characterizes the lower-rated schools.

More than the overall volume means, it is their use that makes the difference. Number of high value-added high schools know to make choices, such as giving high priority to the class or second limit duplication (work half-groups) to enhance the personalized support. This device is a fairly clear line between high schools with positive added value and those with negative values.

The lack of recipe is “a rather satisfactory conclusion,” the authors of the study. Because it “reminds diversity” educational projects, “developed in response to various situations and implemented by teams to the profiles and multiple skills.”

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