Thursday, March 24, 2016

No, the high school student hit by a police officer was not placed in custody – Liberation

He was the high school student hit by a police officer struck the police before? The video of the forceful arrest of a young man turned all afternoon. It shows the teen detained by two police officers while a third gives him a violent punch in the face. The boy falls to the ground, shock cushioned by his backpack. The scene was shot this morning in the XIX th arrondissement of Paris, on the sidelines of the blockade of Henri Bergson school.

The facts , filmed by several witnesses are indisputable … But the context and the identity of the young man have, themselves, been subject to interpretation or intox … several media, including Libération write early afternoon that the youth is a high school student of a second and 15 years old. France TV info comes in contact with the student who confirms that he is the second high school and Bergson gave his version of events: “They threw eggs and flour, and then the police started us run after says Julien. I got arrested a few hundred meters from the entrance, and a policeman grabbed me, before hitting me with his colleague. “ There complains of “sore nose” and now fears that he is broke. “They handcuffed me and told me that it was not finished, I see the police” , he said. After being searched and supported by a police officer more “nice” , he said, the teenager quickly released.

But a few hours later MetroNews, citing a source close to the matter gives another version.

The teenager would be 17 years and not 15, and have mostly been arrested and taken into custody view just after the fact for injuring two policemen. “one of them had returned the thumb and the other was spitting blood. The latter went for a scan in hospital of Percy armies of instruction in Clamart. “

The information is taken over 20 minutes and the LDIFs. The high school student union called again for a rally to demand his release.

But some twittos to tip the logical mind an apparent contradiction: how the schoolboy could it be in custody … knowing that France info TV interviewed him?

So, 17, or 15 years? And above all, the youth he was taken into custody for violence on agents? What will change inevitably many things with respect to the general public … In the early evening, the police department issued a press release … that hardly answers the question.

thus reads a video ” was filmed during the questioning of a young man by officers “ … then three lines later that “one of the protesters, throwing projectiles of authors showed very virulent towards effective” . But also that “some officials were injured in the attack and one of them leads to the hospital,” … Finally, the conclusion tells us that IGPN was seized, that “the investigation is ongoing and its conclusions will be subject to all suites” and finally that “custody of the high school student involved was lifted in the afternoon”

in short, just about information for MetroNews … except that the formulations (deliberately?) convoluted allow no time to say that the high school student hit on the video is the same as that which was “very virulent” , injured police officers, and was placed in police custody.

Asked by Désintox, the police headquarters said first that she did knew nothing … before finally giving a useful clarification: contrary to what was written and what MetroNews left thinking the release of the prefecture, the young student knocked on the images was not taken into custody custody and was released immediately. This is another student who was taken into custody for assault on agents.

In short, brutally beaten schoolboy of fifteen face was therefore nothing (or little) to answer for. Does he took mere confusion or deliberate attempt of poisoning? If that is the case, the aim has been achieved: TF1 was the opening of the JT 20 hours with the case … stating that according to an anonymous source, the young had wounded two policemen

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