Friday, March 25, 2016

After police violence, high school students vent their anger – Liberation

Paris, Friday morning: students of Henri Bergson school in the XIX th arrondissement, find themselves in front of their establishment. They are angry. The day before, several videos have been circulating on the Web. We see a comrade, to the streets to say no to Bill El Khomri, held by two police officers while a third gives him a violent punch in the face. The boy falls to the ground, shock cushioned by his backpack

As of Thursday afternoon, the government had reacted. General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) was seized. “These images are shocking” and “ shocked me” , commented Bernard Cazeneuve on the sidelines of a press conference in Brussels. “does not correspond to what the idea that a vast majority, if not almost all police officers from France, are their missions and the conditions in which these missions are to be conducted , “said the interior minister.

Whatever. Friday morning, after drafts exchanges, high school students and some students come support the movement decided to show “to fight against police violence” . A procession forms: towards the central police station of X th arrondissement. Slogans and fumigants fuse. Youth overturns garbage cans, protective barriers and balance of bullets at the police. Atmosphere. Then, the procession divides. A portion goes to high school. . Another goes to the police nineteenth th District

On the way high school students take a break at Franprix, avenue Jean-Jaurès, to refuel: drinks, sweets , cakes. All this, without going through checkout. A kind of looting. Some said they took only “Kinder”. A girl told MetroNews (which has released a video of the scene) that was for “feed the refugees’ instead of Stalingrad. Genre Robin Hood. On midday shots outside the gates of the school, calm returns under the eyes of the discreet police posted at the corner of the neighboring streets.

Rachid Laïreche


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