Monday, March 28, 2016

Julien Dray, France has a good president – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Guest Grand Jury , the Socialist regional councilor for Ile-de-France has praised Hollande and said he would “put all his strength for it to be a candidate “for president.

If it was to remain a Dutch, it would probably Julien Dray . Sunday called Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI , the regional councilor PS Île-de-France strongly supported the Head of State, of which he is a relative. “This president has held out and was at the height of events. France has given in situations where it could disintegrate and tear, “Dray estimated. For the elected socialist Hollande “has protected our social model.” “It’s a good president,” he added, before pleading for lce latter represents the next presidential election. “I’ll put all my strength for it to be a candidate,” Has he said.

Julien Dray, a candidate Francois Hollande in 2017 can go through a primary, a good thing according him because “everyone will be able to explain.” “Yes to an open and wide primary,” said he launched before to warn: “After the last vote, everyone will get behind the winner.”

” This is the second version (of the labor law) that I find myself, not on the first “

Asked about the labor law, Dray watch now satisfied after the presentation of the new version of the text. “This is the second version that I find myself, not the first,” he said. For the regional councilor for Ile-de-France, the first draft was “unbalanced. She was going too far, but we have created the conditions for a return to balance. “Dray said that even if the bill had not been changed,” he would have no problem belongs to the demonstrators. ” While some of the youth manifesto against the bill, Dray said “prefer that young people take action rather they play to the PlayStation.” During his 2012 campaign, Hollande had made youth a priority of his term. But sorry Dray “in government policy, the issue of youth did not have the central place it should have had.”

The national secretary of the PS in charge of alliance People also distanced himself from the remarks of Patrick Kanner. Sunday morning, the Minister of the City, had said at the “Grand Rendez-Vous” in France there would be “a hundred neighborhoods that have similarities with Molenbeek.” Julien Dray, he said, “be careful with formulas” and “not like being stigmatized.” “For twenty years ago in the French company an urban ghetto. This leads to a rise in crime and Islamist cores, “explained, however, the former MP for the Essonne. While some local officials are accused of laxity to radicalization, Dray said that “those who have the most closed eyes in neighborhoods that are not mayors, over the police.”

Julien Dray, in fact, “drug trafficking has become an industry in certain areas.” Given this situation, it requires more resources on the ground. “In the districts, we lack social workers, animators and community centers,” he regretted.


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