Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Reda Kriket, a model employee disappeared in nature – Le Figaro

The custody of thirty suspected of involvement in a planned attack was extended Tuesday. In the early 2000s, he had worked in a shop in Paris. The manager remembers a perfect employee, guilty of acts of delinquency but showing no signs of radicalization.

“I have the impression that it is like any other. we do not see anything coming “* Sylvain well be very surprised, he knows that it’s often like that: there are no signs that a person rubs eventually join jihadist networks. Manager of a business in the Paris region, he almost fell off his chair Saturday, opening Le Parisien . The name of one of its former employees is spread out in a Reda Kriket. This thirty native of Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine) was arrested Friday in Boulogne-Billancourt. main suspect in the investigation into a planned attack foiled in France, police custody was extended Tuesday for another 24 hours.

Reda Kriket Sylvain joined the company in the early 2000. “I recruited by the ANPE,” says the manager, contacted by Le Figaro . The young man, who was less than twenty years, was on the job search agency, today integrated employment center. He joined the trade to help in back room. The employee will remain about two years in the company. “I had nothing to reproach him,” insists Sylvain. “Always on time, very smiling, there was absolutely no problem with it.”

blameless in his work, the young man seems to be a little less outside. “I could see he magouillait” says bluntly responsible. “It was obvious that with the salary I gave him, 600 or 700 €, he could not buy the designer clothes he wore every day.” The manager did not interfere, having nothing to reproach his employee from a professional point of view.

“overnight, I have had no news”

This was within the a priori be confirmed after several months: Reda Kriket was arrested and imprisoned. The manager sees the police disembark in his trade. “He was arrested for counterfeit traffic. The cops came to me for that, they asked me about it, “explains Sylvain. The employee gets jail, lasting “five or six months.”

At its output, it is not him, but his father, who comes knocking on the door of Commerce . “He asked me to take his son to enable him to find a job,” says Sylvain. “I had no complaints, so I accepted.” Exactly as was the case before his imprisonment, Reda Kriket is helpful and effective in its work. Until that “a month or a month and a half” after his return, he evaporates. “Overnight, I have had no news,” recalls Sylvain.

From “dangerous thug” to jihadist networks

The manager attempts to contact the boy’s father. Without success. To guard against any suit in law, the Manager address several recommended letter to Reda Kriket, again without effect. “I was wondering if he had not moved.” He did not receive any sign of life of the young man. Until Saturday, his face appears in the newspaper. Several years later, it remains legally recognized in the size of its business, not having seen his balance.

We do not know the details of Reda Kriket activities after that time. According to Le Parisien , Reda Kriket would gradually become a “dangerous thug,” said a lawyer who knew him. It would have participated in a particularly violent punitive expedition at the age of 21, for which he will be sentenced to five years in prison. It would have left France in 2011 to escape justice. Direction: Belgium.

The precise time of his descent into the jihadist networks is unclear. His name would have emerged in 2013, according to Le Parisien , in one of the most important issues of jihadist recruitment channels in Belgium. It would for that was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison in Belgium. Since 15 January, Reda Kriket, now aged 34, was the subject of a research sheet distributed to all police departments. He was described as extremely dangerous.


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