Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lyon: a burglar betrayed by his ear impressions –

Lyon: a burglar betrayed by his ear impressions Image Credit: ELSNER FABRICE / SIPA Media Credit: Arnaud Grange
with Arnaud Grange, Geoffrey Lang

suspicion of having committed several burglaries in the city of Lyon, a 55 year old man was arrested by the police. However, the suspect seemed elusive for investigators who followed him for several months. Already arrested in November, the perpetrator had been released, lack of evidence because his fingerprints and his DNA were absent from the police database.

A month and a half later, the suspect is arrested again for possession of stolen goods. Investigators decide to proceed … a statement of ear impressions . Then they discover that these fingerprints match traces found on the doors of many burglarized apartments.

Confused, the suspect is then put under surveillance by investigators who discover a funny carousel: the alleged burglar leaves home every morning, dressed in a suit and tie and briefcase, and visit several buildings. No break had yet been found until Wednesday 23 March, where the suspect was arrested with stolen objects of an apartment he had just robbed. In custody, the burglar admitted 24 burglaries between Lyon and Paris, but also in the Netherlands.

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