Sunday, March 27, 2016

Béziers: the Ministry reacts to the radicalization of detainees – The Point

The twenty detainees from the prison Béziers not been a record S but “closely monitored”, said Saturday the Ministry of Justice after statements from a prison union. “A number of detainees are being monitored closely for the risks they pose in terms of proselytizing, but mostly because they could get into a process of radicalization,” said the Ministry of Justice rejects the categorization of S. a record field office representative UFAP-UNSA union Beziers penitentiary expressed concern Friday the presence of about twenty prisoners considered radicalized.

“No disturbing report “

” We have a dozen inmates plug S in our establishment, and especially two leaders who are radicalized. and that’s not counting the converted “, has Fabrice Caujolle assured the local office of UFAP-UNSA union. “It is possible to stop the contagion if the prison administration wants to give ourselves the means,” said Fabrice Caujolle, claiming the transfer of two of them in safety. “The issue of two prisoners identified is treated by the management of the institution decided to specific measures against them, notably one was placed in solitary confinement earlier this week,” responded the Ministry of Justice .

According to the ministry, “the staff of the establishment have no disturbing report in recent weeks.” “Radicalization is not punishable by law. As long as one is in a very strict application of the religion, nothing is wrong”, had said the prosecutor in Beziers, Yvon Calvet. “It becomes a crime when there is terrorism apology,” he stressed. “


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