Friday, March 25, 2016

At Argenteuil, on the trail of a new team – Liberation

The operation was kept secret. The Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS) intervened without making waves Thursday morning to get their hands on Kriket Reda, 34, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine). “There was a risk of passage to the imminent terrorist act , says a source close to the investigation . We knew he was in such a place at such a time, we could not pass up the opportunity. “ But the group qu’épient French services is composed of several members. It is then to be discreet so as not to raise the alarm. Again, what are the agents of the only SID that are responsible for conducting a search in Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise), where the hideout of Reda Kriket was located.

But the case is complicated by the discovery of explosives on site. Deminers are called, residents evacuated. The operation of discretion shattered. “If there were no social networks, we could keep the information a little longer, estimated the same source. But here it was impossible. “ In the evening, the area is cordoned off, the media disseminate information of a counter-terrorism response ongoing at Argenteuil. Forced to communicate, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, publicly declared that the operation helped to “to thwart a planned attack in France, led to an advanced stage.”

Kriket the recidivist

the accommodation housed in fact an arsenal. Five Kalashnikov rifles, a machine gun, eight magazines of AK-47 and seven handguns were found in the apartment From TATP. – Explosive that was used suicide bombers of 13 November and the March 22 (see cons below) – is also found. But above “of what to produce more,” ie liters of acetone, hydrogen peroxide and acid. All this material is currently being examined by forensics to detect the presence of DNA evidence and fingerprints.

In the current state of investigations, it is a new jihadist team again Franco-Belgian. “The protagonists of this record does not appear, for the moment, in one of the attacks of November 13, there is another terrorist plot, confirms the police. There is no formally established operational link. After that, do they know? These are the same channels, the same groups in Syria … “

The first alleged member of the group that the police chose to stop Reda is Kriket. Born January 17, 1982 in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), the French was sentenced in absentia to ten years imprisonment by the Criminal Court of Brussels, 29 July 2015. Reda Kriket was then probably in Syria of where the publication, on 17 August 2015, of a European arrest warrant against him. Before his departure, that the intelligence services are in autumn 2014, Reda Kriket, recidivist robber, put the name of the Islamic concept of Ghamina – which justifies the flight of “goods unbelievers, “ similar to a ” making war “ – a part of the loot collected at the disposal of a routing die fighters to Iraqi-Syrian areas. This was led by Khalid Zerkani a Molenbeek 42, known as one of the leading Belgian recruiters acting on behalf of the Islamic State. At the same sprawling trial in July 2015, Zerkani was sentenced to twelve years in prison but could be imprisoned

notorious Other name but missing him, the dock. Abdelhamid Abaaoud the contractor for the killings of November 13. According to relatives of Reda Kriket, it would have paid 12,000 euros to the industry – much of it in cash – money that has enabled to pay smugglers to the Turkish border. According to the prosecution, the Mercedes Reda Kriket, which then lies in Ixelles, a wealthy town on the outskirts of Brussels, was also used to convey ten Belgian soldiers (and some French) to foreign airports so that they can take off without attracting attention. It is spotted again on European soil last year.

How many jihadists around him in this new cell? “It has the contours of what is believed to be the network, says a source close to the investigation. The Belgians had also planned operations related Friday afternoon. “

Three suspects arrested in Brussels

After the arrest of Kriket and search rumored Argenteuil, he had to act fast and hard before the suspects fled. On Friday, three people were arrested in several municipalities of Brussels. The arrests are the result of statements collected from the mouth of Kriket in police custody, but technical information (metadata, wiretapping) gleaned for several weeks. According to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor, the first of three suspects, Tawfik A., was arrested in Belgrade Forest Street, not far from where were entrenched Salah and Mohamed Abdeslam Belkaïd, two logisticians attacks of November 13. During the forceful intervention of special forces, Tawfik A. was wounded in the leg. Another suspect, Salah A., was arrested Merode street in Saint-Gilles. A third man, whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested later in Schaerbeek after also hit in the leg.

By Willy Le Devin Mace and Célian


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