Thursday, March 31, 2016

Belgium: An operation is underway in Kortrijk – The Point

The Belgian federal prosecutor said a police operation related Kriket Reda, a man indicted in France for a planned attack “imminent”, was underway Thursday in Kortrijk, in the northwest of Belgium . “There is an ongoing search in connection with the Kriket record,” said a spokesman for the federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt. “It’s going to Marke, in the city of Kortrijk,” said the spokesman, who did not report “at this stage” of arrests.

The operation takes place in the residential area of ​​Rodenburg, along the E17 highway south of this Flemish town near the French border, was cordoned off by the police and the army. Military, armed with metal detectors and with dogs searched the area around a house in this neighborhood and its surroundings, including a small wood and a field near a petrol station on the highway area, reported an AFP photographer. “They look everywhere,” he explained to 13 h 30, while the onlookers were kept away from the area searched by police barriers.

Assault rifles, weapons handguns and explosives

Kriket Reda, a French 34, was set Wednesday to review criminal association in connection with a criminal terrorist organization by a Parisian anti-terrorist judge at the end of six days custody. Already convicted in Belgium in a terrorism case and believed to have stayed in the ranks of the organization Islamic State (EI) in Syria Reda Kriket was arrested March 24 in Paris. In the apartment he occupied, police had found assault rifles, handguns and explosives, including TATP, improvised explosive favored by the jihadists of IE. Upon his arrest, the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had announced the “defeat (of) a planned attack in France led to an advanced stage,” without giving details.

“at this stage of the investigations, if any precise projected target has been identified, while nevertheless suggests that the discovery of this cache has prevented the commission of an action of extreme violence by a network terrorist ready to take action, “said Wednesday the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins. In Belgium, two men, Abderrahmane Ameuroud and Mr. Rabah, arrested Friday in Brussels, were charged in connection with that network. Another alleged accomplice Reda Kriket Anis Bahri, was arrested Sunday in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Some 45 kilos of 7.62 caliber ammunition, the kind used with Kalashnikovs were found at that time.


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