Thursday, March 31, 2016

Patrick Henry will not be released from prison – The World

Patrick Henry, sentenced in 1977 to life  imprisonment for the murder of the young Philippe  Bertrand. Photo taken in August 2002.

Held for nearly forty years, Patrick Henry learned, Thursday, March 31, the day of its 63 years, the judges of the Paris appeal court rejected his request for parole, accepted in January by the court enforcement of sentences of Melun (Seine-et-Marne), but blocked by the call of parquet.

if called “floored” by the decision of the appeal court, his lawyer, Carine Delaby-Faure, intends to appeal in cassation . At the end of the closed hearing, she denounced a decision “ not courageous,” “unfortunately in the zeitgeist.” According to her, “Patrick Henry remains a symbol and the court has very clearly stated that this man, she does not want to release him. I fear that this decision augurs always negative subsequent decisions “.

Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1977 for the murder of Philippe Bertrand, a child of seven, Patrick Henry had escaped narrowly death penalty, including through the pleading of his lawyer, Robert Badinter. He had been conditionally released after twenty-five years of prison, out in May 2001, under the glare of the media


A symbol of struggle for the abolition of the death penalty

the man, who had remained quiet for a year and had published a book in 2002, Do you regret it? (Calman-Levy), has been fined € 2 000 before being arrested in Spain in October of the same year, in possession of nearly 10 kg cannabis.

His parole was subsequently revoked. In 2003, he was sentenced by the Criminal Court of Caen to four years imprisonment and a 20,000 euro fine.

A new procedure was launched in July 2014, the refusal of a pardon presidential. At the hearing in December 2015 at the Melun detention center, who was in the 1970s, a symbol of the struggle for the abolition of the death penalty, had convinced the judges that he had learned the lessons of the failure of his rehabilitation in 2001-2002

the court had granted on January 7 this new release, subject to passing a probation course. furloughs on three months, six months in a parole center in Lille then ten months under electronic bracelet, and seven years of follow-up. Prosecutors had appealed the same day, saying not support “enough framing” . “More framing is the prison” , had offended his lawyer


“If there does not come out now, it will never be released “

1976 This photo montage shows Patrick Henry  (left) and Philippe Bertrand victim (right).

She had again pleaded February 25 before a Paris appeal court ” rather reserved “ and “urgent” in its questions at a hearing in camera in the presence of Patrick Henry.

Regarding the decision to be made, M th Delaby-Faure had told AFP stay “confident”. “the first instance decision was so motivated that the court is going to have trouble finding patterns to disprove. “

M th Delaby-Faure had highlighted the success, according to doctors, psychotherapy followed for six years by Patrick Henry after his return to jail. “Things can not evolve better: if he does not come out now, it will never be released” , had she told



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