Salah Abdeslam, spotted by a surveillance camera in Molenbeek 2014. – AP/SIPA

This is one of his very rare statements since he is imprisoned in Fleury-Mérogis. A letter written by Salah Abdeslam, suspect n°1 in the attacks of November in Paris, and sent to a mysterious sender was published by Liberation. Seizure by the prison administration, it would have been paid to the investigation file on the 11th of October last.

If it helps you to understand a little the personality of the one who remains stubbornly silent in the face of the investigators, it does not shine, not by its content, focused only on religion. Composed of three paragraphs, it would be for a woman who would have written to Salah Abdeslam from the Côte-d’or.

In this letter the jihadist alleged displays its very strong religiosity, and it is almost everything. “If I ask you the intentions of your approach it is for me assured that you do not love me as if I was a star or an idol” because I get e-mails like that and I do not endorse this because the alone deserves to be worship is Allah, the Lord of the universe “, he wrote (with errors).

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Before adding : “I do not seek, nor me high on earth nor commit the disorder, I do not want that reform, I am a muslim, that is to say, submitted to Allah who has created me and by his grace my harmoniously faconné as well as you and for all those that exists. [...] Are you subject to ? If not Then hurry up to repent and submit to Him don’t listen to the people, but rather the words of your Lord. It will guide you. “If Salah Abdeslam claims to be submitted to Allah, there is here nothing very exceptional, since “Islam” is an Arabic word which means submission, obedience. The judges, investigators are far from having the answers to their questions.

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