Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The euro rises against the dollar, Theresa May is pushing up the pound – Zonebourse.com

London – The euro rose against the dollar on Tuesday, but traders kept their eyes fixed on the british pound, which accentuated its rebound after a speech of the First minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May about the Brexit.

To 14: 20 GMT (15H20 CET), the euro was worth 1,0702 dollar – climbing to 11: 35 AM GMT to 1,0719 dollar, its strongest in almost six weeks against 1,0602 dollar on Monday to 22: 00 GMT.

The european currency declined in the face of the currency of the japanese, 120,93 yen for a euro – falling to 09: 10 GMT to 120,55 yen, the lowest in six weeks – against 121,06 yen late Monday.

The greenback also lost ground against the japanese currency, to 113,01 yen for a dollar – even reaching to 11: 35 AM GMT 112,73 yen, its lowest level since the end of November – against 114,19 yen the day before.

The british pound rose against the euro, at 86,43 pence for a euro, against 88,00 pence Monday evening, as against the greenback, 1,2381 dollar for a book, against 1,2047 dollar on Monday evening.

She fell Monday in asian trading to 1,1986 dollar, its lowest level since October 7, when she was suddenly tumbled to 1,1841 dollar, the lowest since 1985, which is suffering from expectations of the announcement of a plan for a ‘Brexit’ hard ‘ showing that the Uk would adopt an uncompromising stance in the negotiations for the release of the european Union (EU).

But “the book has taken off like a rocket” on Tuesday after a speech by Ms. May, during which she said she wanted to vote in the british Parliament on the final agreement of Brexit, was observed Neil Wilson, an analyst at ETX Capital.

besides, This is Craig Erlam, analyst at Oanda, the only “revelation stand out from the crowd”, especially after leaks in the press these last few days.

But Theresa May is “a wolf disguised as a lamb” asked Neil Wilson.

“The biggest blow to Mrs May may be able to broadcast a message to “Brexit” hard enough” without burdening the markets, said Mr. Wilson.

To Simon Derrick, analyst at BNY Mellon, “the removal of uncertainty has been a positive for the markets”.

However, “we may not be out of the woods because it may take some time to digest the fact that the Uk will leave the single market, which has been the cornerstone of the british economy for 40 years” and the “divorce could still easily become complicated” with a United Kingdom that doesn’t get what he wants, has warned Neil Wilson.

For its part, the dollar remained under pressure, while “the euphoria that was prevalent on the markets after the election of Donald Trump to the United States fades from the beginning of the year,” as investors are realizing more and more that his presidency could lead to realignments of political and economic “not all of which are necessarily beneficial to the markets”, explained the analysts of Société Générale in London.

currency traders remained cautious in expectation of the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday.

To 14H20 GMT, the swiss franc rose against the euro, 1,0706 franc for one euro, as against the dollar, to 1,0004 franc for a dollar, reaching even to 11: 35 AM GMT 0,9998 franc, its strongest in two months.

The chinese currency has increased significantly against the greenback, 6,8491 yuan for a dollar, moving Tuesday to its levels, the strongest since mid-November, against 6,9008 yuan on Monday, 15: 30 GMT.

The ounce of gold finished at 1.217,50 dollars at auction morning against 1.203 dollars Monday evening. Around 11: 30 GMT, the price of an ounce of the yellow metal climbed to 1.218,95 dollars, its highest level in nearly two months.

During Tuesday Classes Monday


14: 20 GMT 22: 00 GMT

EUR/USD 1,0702 1,0602

EUR/JPY 120,93 121,06

EUR/CHF 1,0706 1,0723

EUR/GBP 0,8643 0,8800

USD/JPY 113,01 114,19

USD/CHF 1,0004 1,0115

GBP/USD 1,2381 1,2047



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