Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A UMP deputy reprimanded for refusing to feminize … – The World

A UMP deputy reprimanded for refusing to feminize … – The World

The UMP Julien Aubert, in July in the Assembly.

“Madam President.” The UMP Julien Aubert was stubborn to use these words to speak to the president of the meeting during the discussion of the bill on energy transition in the Assembly National, Monday, Oct. 6 at night. Behavior that earned him a reprimand and an entry in the minutes.

According to the rules of the Assembly, the member will be deprived of Vaucluse, for a month, a quarter of the parliamentary allowance. It should thus lose 1,378 euros, according to Le Figaro .

After the call to order, the member has been saying “Madam President” but has instead continued to say “the minister” at Segolene Royal. A statement from the office of the Assembly, taken in 1998 and reiterated in 2000, is actually required to feminize their duties inside the Assembly by women, but does not apply to corporate functions.


Christian Jacob, leader of the UMP, the penalty imposed on Julien Aubert is “so disproportionate that it becomes ridiculous” . He considers “much more serious” the incident that had opposed last week Ségolène Royal in a UMP vice-president of the Assembly, Catherine Vautrin. The minister had tweeted regret that for M me Vautrin he has not been handed the floor, and then drew a focus of the President of the Assembly, Claude Bartolone (PS).

Rejected by most right-wing deputies, feminization titles regularly gives rise to quarrels in the Chamber. The dispute dates back to 1984, since the socialist governments were opposed to the French Academy on the subject.


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