Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gare de l’Est in Paris: Morano recalls the law a woman wearing a … – Release

Gare de l'Est in Paris: Morano recalls the law a woman wearing a … – Release

MEP UMP Nadine Morano said Tuesday on Twitter reminding law a woman wearing a niqab, Gare de l’Est in Paris, as it met him in “contempt . “

” Scene in Gare de l’Est in Paris, I just passed a woman with a burqa to whom I asked to respect the law. His contempt is total, “tweeted Ms. Morano early afternoon, sparking many comments on the social network.

” I get off the train station of the East, and I see it happen to me a character, a silhouette – we do not know which is below – wearing a black niqab, fully veiled, with two rectangles for the eyes, “then told AFP that historic Sarkozy

“As she came towards me, I challenged, saying that her outfit was banned in France and had to see her face to circulate in public spaces,” said Ms. Morano.

“It’s a provocation, they know that it is forbidden!” she was offended.

“The person continued his journey in the most utter contempt. She’s gone, almost knocking over people. You could not see it. She was pulling a suitcase on wheels. I reported to the police presence, because we do not know who is underneath and our vigilance must be flawless, “assured the former Deputy Minister for Learning.

” We have passed a law, it must be respected. But suspicion is permitted once one runs hidden (…) You can ask questions with beheadings that we saw with Hervé Gourdel, calls to jihad leavers France, regimentation etc “, she says.

The French law passed in late 2010 and early July validated by the European Court of Human Rights states that” no person may, in the public space, wear clothing intended to conceal his face, “under penalty of 150 euros fine and / or a citizenship course.

Ms. Morano,” at a time, it will strengthen the sanctions. From memory, there was a citizenship course, respect for the law, which was expected. Is that it is applied? “

According to her,” the person should be prohibited to leave the police station with the veil on the head and take a citizenship course. “



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