Monday, October 20, 2014

Critics of Martine Aubry, the first slingers – Le Figaro

Critics of Martine Aubry, the first slingers – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The socio-liberal policies of the government, criticized for months by slingers, is the first target of the mayor of Lille

” With the exception perhaps of the tax reform, opposition subjects between Martine Aubry and what the executive will actually implement will reduce the thickness of a sheet of cigarette paper … “This is what a manager understands the Rue de Solferino, convinced that the growing influence of PS led by Jean-Christophe Cambadélis manage to create a political consensus between Francois Hollande and the mayor of Lille .

Meanwhile, criticism is Aubry, vigorous, both in substance and form. Directly targeted, Holland is accused in the interview JDD , not giving “the travel destination.” Any more than it has “set the course”. The head of state is accused of failing to put in place tax reform, however, “more than ever necessary to reconcile the French with their taxes,” and especially “better measures over the water, trips -Returns on tax measures, cuts in family benefits or pension freeze that worry the French in difficult circumstances. ” Aubry wants to “make the CSG and the income tax a single citizen tax”. It was the campaign pledge number 14 candidate Hollande. The mayor of Lille, even defy Brussels also wants to “better target aid to those companies exposed to international competition and those who invest and hire.”

The socio-liberal policy Government criticized for months by slingers openly supports it, is its first target. Martine Aubry criticized ministers, including the first one Manuel Valls and the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, “to fall in love at the wrong illusions years 1980-1990, which demoralize our country.” Their policy is considered naff copy of the reforms of Tony Blair and Gerhard Schröder … “It’s time to open your eyes to a new reality: that model no longer exists. He was swept away by the crisis. “” The abdication on the front of full employment is probably a societal choice, but it’s not mine, “she says them with this advice not waste their time “in the discussions of the past constantly being on the table by the MEDEF: Sunday rest, that was a century ago, unemployment insurance, sixty, Auroux laws and social thresholds, thirty years, 35 hours, sixteen years. “

As many sensitive issues addressed yet in recent weeks by the government … Logically, Emmanuel Macron has said, on Sunday evening,” disagree with the analysis and therefore with the conclusions “Aubry who, he said, only offers” traditional solutions “. Many people in off, who joked about the will of Aubry to establish a “new social democracy.” “She does not see the urgency on the left, indicates a leader of the PS framework, especially to understand that social democracy is outdated and need to rebuild unionism!”

Meanwhile, the Finance Minister Michel Sapin, has been terse, confirming Monday that it was not a question for the president to change his policy directions, “Is what it is to midterm we change course? It would only have disadvantages. Nor the benefits of the policy that we are carrying “or” the benefits of another policy because it would not have time to implement, “

The slingers have welcomed the return of Martine Aubry, although she emphasized Monday on France Inter, not wanting to be “a remedy” and that he had “not intended to organize opposition to the government.” His place on the board for the next two years remains unknown. The context might clarify the approach of Congress PS Cambadélis that wants to organize in June 2015, although the hypothesis of early 2016 is not ruled out

“VIDEO -. The Return of Martin Aubry “the rebellious” divides the left


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