Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weather: Gard demoted orange alert – Le Figaro

Weather: Gard demoted orange alert – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – The rain began to fall Sunday in those departments Southeast already waterlogged. Outstanding new storms are expected. Herault, however, was downgraded to orange alert. full point in the middle of the afternoon.

Sunday afternoon, anxiety was high in Southeast among those who have had bad weather in recent weeks. The Gard department is placed in red alert since Saturday by Meteo Consult Weather and France. The department of Herault, also affected by this red alert has been downgraded to orange alert Sunday afternoon.

The alert will last until Monday morning. After a relatively quiet night, the rain came down Sunday morning in the two departments already hit hard. However in the late morning, rainfall remained subdued, as relief that had had no response to make. The authorities and residents still expect the worst for the afternoon or evening due to the arrival of new exceptional storms.

While the soils are waterlogged and courses already high water, preventive measures were taken on Saturday: early closure of nightclubs in the city of Montpellier, and closing Sunday, the International Fair of Montpellier (exhibition). Many events to be held outside have also been canceled, such as markets.

“This episode of bad weather comes after a turbulent period, which increases the risk of severe weather,” said Meteo Consult. stormy rains should also affect the Cevennes part of the Ardèche and Lozère, maintained orange alert. Travel on foot or by car are not recommended for residents urged to use caution, said Meteo France.

The flood risk still high

Another point to consider: the sea is announced strong and may prevent the rivers to pour. “The rivers are still very high, and waterlogged soil” after the heavy rains of September 29 and October 6, said Captain Olivier Hayez (CODIS Hérault) who placed 45 rescuers prepositioned in different centers of the department for possible interventions. In the north of the department, the mayor of the medieval village of Goudargues Fred Mahler worried Saturday the level of a tributary of the Ceze who could no longer flow into it, too full.

To address the situation, the government announced the dispatch of reinforcements firefighters and military Civil Security: 448 personnel divided into 12 groups of Swift Water Rescue and 17 other groups trained to act to flooding. “In total, more than 750 men with their equipment and vehicles working for the benefit of municipalities affected,” with six helicopters civil security area on alert, said the prefect of the southern area.

According Vigicrues, several rivers are threatening in the Tarn and Aveyron: Upper Tarn and the Dourdou system Sorgue, Rance. Gard, all streams are orange alert unless the Rhone. In Herault, upriver Orb threat and was placed in amber alert, joining the Hérault upstream and Lez.

Serious damage

In the Gard, thunderstorms have been either dead or wounded since Friday, but caused significant damage: School bus hit by a out of bed (no children on board), cars in ditch creek floor cutaway éboulés … Fields and vineyards walls were submerged. And homes have suffered water but also lightning. Between Nimes and Ales, train traffic also remained suspended Saturday. “There were 648 interventions and more than 500 people rescued,” said the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who visited Saturday morning at the center of crisis management of civil security in Asnieres-sur-Seine ( Hauts-de-Seine), near Paris.


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