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Philip Island. “Juppe scored points” – The Telegram

Philip Island. "Juppe scored points" – The Telegram

Support Alain Jupp & # & # XE9 ;, XC9; Edouard Philippe doubts the word of Nicolas ...
Support Alain Juppe Edward Philip puts the word of Nicolas Sarkozy questioned. And believes that the UMP today “need clarity.” . Photo PQR / Paris Normandie

At 44, Philip Island is UMP deputy mayor of Le Havre. It is now part of the bodyguard of Alain Juppé in view of the upcoming presidential election.

The campaign for the presidency of the UMP a scent of scandal because of the many cases in which the name of Nicolas Sarkozy is quoted. Can I designate the head of the first opposition party in this atmosphere?
Yes. The country’s situation is bad. The opposition, which was blown by the defeat of 2012, locked herself in infighting. It’s time to have a strong party, well organized, able to engage in intellectual debate to determine which program will be implemented, able to shed light on the reasons why we lost in 2012, able to do as light on what happened in the heart of the country, including in terms of financing. The best approach is to give the floor to members of the UMP, asking them to nominate a president. Every reason for there to be a clean sharp election to organize the sequence of operations of the UMP. That means a party in running and indisputable, transparent and clear organization, primary that will give as many of those who identify with the ideas of right and center to nominate the presidential candidate.

About the primaries, Nicolas Sarkozy said he will implement. Do you believe in his sincerity?
Admittedly that Nicolas Sarkozy has said things, and then he did not, arguing that the circumstances had changed. We remember the “if I lose, I quit politics! “. It was clear, and then the circumstances have changed. I believe in commitments. But I prefer that they be protected and not just spoken. I think, also, very deeply, that it is the interest of Nicolas Sarkozy to hold open primaries. It is the interest of the whole right and center. If Nicolas Sarkozy thinks that the designation by 150.000 or 200.000 militant enough to give legitimacy, I think he is mistaken.

You are part of the family of Alain Juppe, with Benoist Appeared and Gaymard. This team is not it a bit short to support a presidential candidate?
There are many MPs who have told us that they would go all the way with us. Simply, Alain Juppe has set a rule that is to say it is not for us to say that supports it. In addition, Alain Juppe is in the position of someone who would land in the political world. He has some experience, often stressed, sometimes to be welcomed, sometimes to criticize. He also has experience in party organization. So he networks that are structured and much stronger than it typically ready.

Alain Juppe has scored points in the program “Words and deeds.” It is now well positioned in the polls (see elsewhere). What is missing in your eyes to make him full house
I think he needs to continue to show as it is. He scored points with the issuance of France 2 It’s not it’s cracked armor, as they say. Is that for the first time in his political life, he rolls for him. It is no longer in the position to ride for Jacques Chirac. It is not in the position of having to wear the UMP, or in the position of having to support the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy. He is in a position to be the candidate, to say what he thinks, to move as it wishes, according to his own schedule. So he is relaxed, even clearer.

Before the open primary right and center, there will be elections for the presidency of the UMP. Who will you bring your vote?
We have three quality candidates. Hervé Mariton is a creative worker and smart active MP,,. I do not always agree with him, but I see he has some interesting ideas. There Bruno Le Maire, who has embarked on this adventure with energy and desire that are noticed by everyone. He scores points. And then there was Nicolas Sarkozy, with the talent and flaws that we know, energy and at the moment also limited by the clarity of exposition of his project. It is not clear that Sarkozy wants to make the party leadership. For now, we can not say that it is on the same level of clarity of expression than its two competitors.


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