Thursday, October 9, 2014

Delivery: the personal victory of Segolene Royal – Les Echos

Delivery: the personal victory of Segolene Royal – Les Echos

In war against “punitive ecology” Ségolène Royal did not want the environmental tax. She won arbitration summit on Wednesday with François Hollande, and Manuel Valls

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“I never give up …” These words dropped by Ségolène Royal in the long parenthetical comment on “indefinite suspension” of The environmental levy sums up the attitude of the Ministry of Ecology on this issue it seeks to close since it came to power. To the extent that there may be an individual victory in a collective decline (of the executive), abandonment porticos reviled by carriers can be credited to Segolene Royal.

Against “ecology punitive”

It is personally identified since 2009 in the fight against what it calls the “punitive ecology” . It was five years ago, she was the first voice left to criticize the carbon tax desired by Nicolas Sarkozy. Last April, so it’s quite logical that she wanted a complete redesign of the environmental tax. With additional arguments: the unpopularity of the device and “tax break” as promised by the head of state. She had lost the arbitration and to accept the creation of a light version of the eco-tax (the tax transit trucks). The threat of blocking of roads by road has enabled him to win the second round. Wednesday, after the Council of Ministers, Francois Hollande, and Manuel Valls him “mandated to find a solution” including the “option delete” , is said to Matignon .

In the closed-door discussions with the road Thursday morning the minister got two things: they accept the principle of participation in infrastructure financing, and they cancel their movement without delay. “But I take my responsibilities, you have to take yours,” them she said, according to a witness.

Explanation telephone

” She cleared a risk of paralysis of the country! “ enthusiasm around him. However, this has side clearance, economic and political effects. The increase in the tax on diesel, as presented by Bercy to replenish the infrastructure funding will only be paid by households. To protect itself, Segolene Royal repeats at every opportunity that it is also against this tax then. The coup de grace to environmental tax has been vilified by environmentalists on Thursday that the minister had managed to seduce at the parliamentary debate on the energy transition. She says “fear no retaliation” in the vote, but she still took care to call Emmanuelle Cosse.


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