Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Holland: “Poverty is a humiliation for the Republic” – Le Parisien

Holland: "Poverty is a humiliation for the Republic" – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.024508953094482 sec -> Francois Hollande likes to redo the field. After Angoulême (Charente) last week, the president attended Tuesday morning in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), at a round table intended to draw the half-Hue–en balance sheet a plan to fight against poverty launched two years earlier.
<- hard dé e: 0.082022905349731 sec -> The aim for the head of state: show that it is “always there”, as he said this weekend. With the clear desire to reconnect with the broken French that are only 16% trust it link, according to a latest survey.

During this movement, the head of state was greatly concerned associations fight against exclusion and elected left denouncing political stigmatization of marginalized and unemployed. The visit also comes nearly a month after the publication of “Thank you for this moment,” the firebrand of his ex-girlfriend, Valerie Trierweiler, in which she accused him of appointing precarious “without the mouth.” Remarks that Francois Hollande rejected and he was “hurt”.

If the tone of the ten leaders of charitable organizations leading around him remained civilized, their arrests were plainly on the rise in poverty in the country. Thierry Kuhn, president of Emmaus France, regretted the “words, including at the highest level of the state, the stigmatization of the unemployed”, referring to the “project enhanced control of the unemployed” advanced in early September by the Minister of François Rebsamen work.

“Too many public speeches continue to enter the stigmatization of the unemployed,” lamented the same way the president of the Collective Alert Relieves François, former president of Catholic Relief Services. If dodged this particular issue, the head of state has addressed the concerns of associations on the worsening poverty by a keynote speech at the conclusion of the roundtable.

The shout alert associations

“The poor in our country are citizens, not as others but on a par with others,” he said. And remember: poverty “is an injury to those who are concerned, but it is a humiliation for the Republic.” He argued that “poverty, not others.” And that the French felt, he said, the “risk that children and grandchildren to a time they, too, may be affected.”

For François Hollande, “solidarity is not more soul, is not generosity, “but” a Republican principle that does not pass by the state but by the whole French society. ” He added: “Community pride is to allow that we can not eliminate, eradicate poverty, but to ensure that all those who are far to be brought back on-hook, taken through collective action.” Then insisted, “It’s what makes not only the dignity of an individual but the pride of a nation”

Very listened to by the Head of State to whom he had inspired. his pact of responsibility, Louis Gallois, president of the National Federation of reception and reintegration associations (FNARS), had previously called for “strong political speech (…) against the tide of poverty.” As for Christophe Robert, CEO of the Fondation Abbé Pierre, he pointed to the “denial” of the president at one of his campaign promises, the universal guarantee of rent which concerns ultimately more than younger employees and people precarious situation.

sign of the times, the director general of the French Red Cross, Stéphane Mantion, has launched an “important warning”, citing its own “volunteers who become beneficiaries” are themselves affected by social deprivation. In 2011, according to the latest survey by INSEE on this, 8.7 million people or 14.3% of the population, lived (with 977 euros monthly) below the poverty line. All of which leads to the Secretary of State for the fight against exclusion, Ségolène Neuville, that “much remains to be done.”


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