Saturday, October 11, 2014

“! Hands off Alsace”: thousands of demonstrators reject … – MetroNews

"! Hands off Alsace": thousands of demonstrators reject … – MetroNews

A forest of red and white regional flags and rally under a bright sun. Strasbourg was especially colorful Saturday. It is in the Alsatian capital as several thousand people, according to police and 7000 up to 20,000 according to organizers, held protests against the merger of the Alsace region of Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne provided under territorial reform. An event which had been carefully prepared, while the Alsace region proposed train tickets at bargain prices to come protest.

Armed with placards “Hands off Alsace”, the demonstrators gathered by local right protested against a merger which was originally concern that Alsace and Lorraine. If Alsace was resigned to the idea of ​​merging with Lorraine, the proposal of Deputies on July 23 to add the Champagne-Ardenne led the right and the Alsace center now opposed to any union.

Wine tasting apples and pretzels

The Alsatian left, which calls for a union with the only Lorraine, had denounced a partisan event and could fuel sense of identity. The three Alsatian communities had risen in effect on September 22 the project of a “single board” Alsace, yet rejected in a regional referendum in 2013 mainly because of a weak turnout.

Saturday, chained themselves on a big stage concerts of local bands with names like “Bredelers” or “Mister Pretzel” some singing in Alsace. Tasting apples and pretzels were also on the menu this festive day where several elected officials spoke. “Alsace wants to participate in the future and not be forced to see it,” said Philippe Richert, the UMP president of the Alsace region, while the mayor of Mulhouse Jean Rottner (UMP), including an online petition against the merger with Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne has collected some 55,000 signatures since this summer, for his part denounced a “reform of contempt.”


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