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Insurance: former minister Hamon denounced “initiatives … – Le Parisien

Insurance: former minister Hamon denounced "initiatives … – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.024033069610596 sec -> Taboo: that on which there is silence, fear or shame. Not to be confused with the totem animal considered the protector of the clan, the subject of taboos and special assignments. Using the nuances of the dictionary, the left demonstrates its division around a fundamental subject, even from left: unemployment insurance.
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“There should not be any restrictions or posture. Unemployment insurance is a deficit of 4 billion euros; What politician can be satisfied? There was reform, it is insufficient. We can not stop here, “claimed Sunday Emmanuel Macron, in the columns of JDD. The tenant Bercy brandished the possibility, if the social partners did not understand the problem is that the state “resume hand if blockages are too heavy.” “The left has no taboo, but it has some totems, especially the fact that when the president speaks, ministers apply,” retorted Jean-Christophe Cambadelis on his arrival on the national board of the PS Paris.

Hamon: “No good solution”

This Monday morning, opposing declarations of the Minister of Economy and No. 1 are PS further reacted. “Punishing the unemployed, I do not think this is the right solution” to fight against mass unemployment, said Benoît Hamon. For the former Minister of Education, who left the government in late August thanks to the “termination” of Arnaud Montebourg, these “initiatives so messy (…) unseating the social partners” and “worried those who are unemployed. ” Worse, the policy decided by Brussels “and relayed in France produces mass unemployment.”

Very hard with the government – it has “450,000 more unemployed since we responsibilities” – Hamon, who recalled RTL an unemployed registered with Pôle Emploi two was not compensated, fears that “other themes” does arise in the debate “to appease the European Union”

Vallaud-Belkacem. “From witchcraft trials”

A few minutes later on i-Tele, his successor at the Ministry of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Emmanuel Macron argued: “I think we made it a lot of witchcraft trials. (…) He does not compose, he speaks with clarity and he calls a spade a spade, “she was welcomed. His remarks on the JDD, the former spokesman of the government, who knows, as we reveal in our columns this morning that the Elysée and Matignon reread the interview with Macron, wants to reassure the Assembly that “there There are rules in this country, negotiate the scheme UI part of the social partners. ” But she defended in a “context of mass unemployment” and with a plan in deficit of 4 billion euros, “protect the greatest number seems a good practice.”

“This is not on the political agenda of the majority (…). We would be wise to leave the initiative to the social partners, “said, very embarrassed, head of the Socialist group in the Assembly Bruno Le Roux on Europe 1 on France Info, Cambadélis fact, he, after-sales his own statements weekend: “The PS think unemployment insurance, it is not the subject (…). These are not measures in controlling the unemployed that will create growth. “

VIDEO. “This is not the issue,” irritated Cambadélis
Cambadelis on Macron: a “harmful” formula by Algerie

The Elysee promises “a negotiation at the appropriate time”

“I’m tired of hearing people who earn several thousand dollars a month, which have never been problems in their lives, which cast aspersions on men and women who are unemployed against their will, “got upset Pascal Cherki on RMC. “When you’re unemployed and late fees, we do not see life the same way that when one is managing partner in the Rothschild Bank” has tackled the socialist deputy of Paris and rebellious, referring to of functions Emmanuel Macron before Deputy Secretary General of the Elysee and joining the government.

“I do not know what I have in common with Mr. Macron. Before he was in his bank or the PS or in Parliament, “even rebuked the PS senator Paris Marie-Noëlle Lienemann on the radio antenna South.

Recalling that the Minister of Labour François Rebsamen had tried to open the debate on unemployment benefits, before being called to order, the Green Senator Jean-Vincent Place pretended to question conventional Radio: “Is that one can have ministers who are working, applying a line and held there? There is already enough confusion. “

Her friend Cécile Duflot, the former Secretary of State for Housing, tweeted a photo of Bercy, the imposing Ministry of Finance and budget. “So there is a place in this country where the inventiveness and goes out when the opposite of progress appears modern …”

This Monday at 9:20 am, for a statement to AFP, the Elysee has tried to close the chapter. “With regard to unemployment insurance, there is a problem of deficit, but trading on the subject will come in due course, not immediately.” Not sure that’s enough.

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Emmanuel Macron he managed his first Bercy


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