Sunday, October 5, 2014

Demonstration for all, but not all for the demo – La Voix du Nord

Demonstration for all, but not all for the demo – La Voix du Nord

Nicolas Sarkozy? Absent. Alain Juppé? Absent. François Fillon? Absent. Bruno Le Maire? Absent. The main candidates for senior positions at the UMP had been careful to avoid the procession of AKI for all yesterday in Paris. This is the subject discomfort at the seams and that the protesters are doing everything to put these armholes in the center of the political game.

The UMP hesitates. Should she follow the thousands of people who can make noise? Should it withdraw? According to a study FIFG Atlantico, 45% of UMP supporters say close to the values ​​for all of the AKI. Others are remote (29%) or indifferent (26%).

While Nicolas Sarkozy kicked into touch. It is not helped by a circle divided on the issue. Laurent Wauquiez and Daniel Fasquelle led the way yesterday, while Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet abstained on the marriage law for all and continues to cultivate its difference. Former President therefore preferred castigate the conditions of the debate launched by the Socialists and leave thinking pending. Alain Juppé is opposed to the repeal of the Taubira law, but remains vague on its proposals in this area. François Fillon wants to rewrite the law to reintroduce a difference between homosexual and heterosexual couples, particularly in terms of parentage. All agree, however, to exclude GPA. While the government does not intend to introduce, but the repeat draws applause from those who are so afraid. The right should she shake those fears? Those of the GPA, PMA of gender theory, family at risk? Should accommodate a wedding for all accept that a majority of French

In the ranks of the AKI for all, half measures will not be tolerated. Elected FN marched yesterday, again without Marine Le Pen. Le Pen party, which is better able to hide its ambiguity on the subject, many posters were stuck along the way. Sign that the market remains open and waiting for higher bids.


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