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AUDIOS. Death of Marina Court of Cassation puts the state out of … – Le Parisien

AUDIOS. Death of Marina Court of Cassation puts the state out of … – Le Parisien

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              October 8, 2014, 2:33 p.m.
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<- hard dé e <- ITEM RECIPE -> <- NORMAL ARTICLE -> <- - begin excerpt!>: 0.01488184928894 sec -> “I did not expect a different verdict, the French justice do not like to meet face to face with herself,” reacted to the verdict Me Rodolphe Costantino, Childhood lawyer and contacted by sharing. The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the state responsibility in the death of Marina, who died at the hands of her parents in 2009 to Eccomoy Sarthe. <- Block compl dé! Ments -> <- bloc_complements.tpl -> <- -> <- BLOCK ON THE SAME TOPIC ->
       <- End bloc_complements.tpl -> <- hard dé e: 0.00038313865661621 sec -> Associations of child protection, who had gathered to put the responsibility of social services in question and the State to court, denouncing a real lack of courage.

This is a terrible record, marred forever by numerous breaches of social services, the investigation and the prosecution. Marina was born in X, then recovered by his mother Virginia Darras after a few months, was tortured by her parents for 7 years. Third child in a family of six, the last one born in prison, she is the scapegoat, only to be beaten. Private school until the mandatory age of 6, she can then go only intermittently.

AUDIO. Marina, tortured for six years

A home, the adorable little girl comes to his executioners. Virginie Darras and Eric Sabatier are struggling with an unbearable evil and sadistic. Starving without food and water for days … but with a hamburger in front of his eyes, Marina spends most of his time tied up on the bed, his mouth shut with tape. Hair pulled out, broken fingers, broken hip … Mother inflicting ice baths, strength drinking glasses filled with vinegar and mustard. The face of the girl becomes that of a boxer, his disability approach and bruises alert teachers. These blacken daily pages to recount the bruises from the National Education. They multiply alerts. An investigation was opened in 2008, but the class parquet quickly the case.

AUDIO. Video by Marina upsets the Assize Court

To cover their tracks, the family moved four times. The lack of information sharing between departments sunk file Marina in the maze of government. On two occasions in June and September 2008, the Social Welfare for Children is aware of the danger of the little girl and prevents PMI. “Following the warning, the police warn parents that they will spend at home as part of the investigation five days later …” still reveals Mr. Costantino, adding: “The no further action of the parquet will hamper later social services in their approach. Despite all elements shouting abuse, Marina will die in the general indifference a few months later. ” His body will end up in a box sealed with cement. His parents were sentenced in 2012 to 30 years imprisonment, subject to a minimum sentence of 20 years.

“The verdict of the court of cassation is revolting. It’s a way of saying “Move along there is nothing to do.” Meanwhile, I filled every day of my cabinet Marina case “strikes me Costantino. Childhood Association and shares it represents account before the European Court of Human Rights.

AUDIO. The emotion of a tenor Bar
Video by Marina upsets the Assize Court by Mort

AUDIO. Child martyr: “The company did not defend Marina”

AUDIO. Bruno Solo: “Marina lived a living hell”


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