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Ebola plan Marisol Touraine against the spread of the virus – Le Parisien

Ebola plan Marisol Touraine against the spread of the virus – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.031772136688232 sec -> Due to a situation “evolving”, a “tighter controls on departure and arrival may be made in the coming days” in airports, confirmed this Friday Health Minister Marisol Touraine, during a press conference devoted to the French response to the epidemic. A European meeting is also scheduled on October 17 to discuss a possible strengthening of these controls.
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The Minister said earlier that France was working to get tighter controls departing from countries affected by the epidemic, control the arrival of passengers are not “ panacea” . Finally, increased controls could be implemented even in French airports. The Minister also recalled “strongly” that “travel to the affected (note: mainly Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) countries are strongly discouraged.”

Touraine: “No other ill Ebola supported” in France since the MSF nurse

France is not the only one to take that voice: e n Europe, the United Kingdom has provided the introduction a strengthened initially on screening airports (London Ed) Heathrow and Gatwick and the Eurostar terminal for people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, said Downing Street. Overseas, Washington and Ottawa announced tighter controls on travelers from African countries affected by Ebola that killed a patient Wednesday in Texas. The method used is that of taking the temperature of travelers at risk.

A hotline, an interdepartmental task force

In addition, a toll on Ebola, 0800 13 00 00, will be set up on Saturday morning to answer questions from the audience, said Friday the minister, who announced the establishment of a “ministerial task force” to respond in case of import of the virus. However, the Minister noted that since the beginning of the epidemic, apart from the case of MSF nurse repatriated in September, “ eleven cases and only eleven cases, including one who was hospitalized Bichat last night, led to tests and all tests have been negative at this time . “

The minister noted that the Institute of Health Surveillance was” in a state of enhanced “face the threat of Ebola, noting that 23 beds were available in 12 hospitals of reference for this virus in France, plus 13 beds in intensive care.

A weekly briefing eve with health agencies will also be implemented from next week. “From the beginning I made the choice of transparency,” said the minister who explained the principles of communication on this issue. “No comment will be made regarding any suspected cases in the future” Has she said. “However, if a case is confirmed, I pledge again to inform the public immediately,” she promised.

The map of the Ebola threat


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