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Municipal Venissieux: the election of two extreme candidates … – RTL.fr

Municipal Venissieux: the election of two extreme candidates … – RTL.fr


Yvan Benedetti, March 6, 2014, in Venissieux. (Archives)

The Lyon Administrative Court overturned Tuesday, October 7 the last municipal election in Venissieux (Rhône), after which two right-wing advisors, including Yvan Benedetti, were elected .

The court also pronounced the “ ineligibility for one year” Benedetti and Estelle Gagon, both elected on the list “is Venissieux front” (10.27% in the second round of municipal) and the “immediate suspension of their mandate.”

The court thus followed in its deliberations public rapporteur who, at the hearing on September 23, recommended the invalidation of two rounds of voting c ike the claimed one of the two complainants, Christophe Girard, candidate DVD-UMP unfortunate Venissieux (30.40% in the second round). He argued “ recording a recognized as irregular list” and asserted that “many voters (had) been prevented from voting outside several polling stations.”

19 people did not know they were on the list

The prefect of the Rhone Jean-François Carenco also filed in April asking to cancel a deferred only Yvan Benedetti election – Former member of the FN, which he had been excluded for having described himself as an anti-Semite on the internet , before take the helm of the French Mission, extreme right radical splinter group dissolved in the summer of 2013 -. Gagon and Estelle

In his application, the prefect pointed out that 19 people – on 49 in the list of Benedetti – were not informed that they would be so included and were therefore “deceived “. He said the election of two right-wing advisers was thus “flawed.”

In its judgment, the court found that “despite their signature ( …) five persons whose names appear on the list ‘is Venissieux front’ had not consented to be candidates in the municipal election, while three others had not consented to be candidates on a list other than the National Front. “

A former FN

According to him,” it is not possible to assess if the votes that are worn on the disputed list would be expressed in the absence of this list “. “It is not possible to exclude (…) the possible postponement of a number of these votes could have changed (…) after the election,” said the court concluded that this maneuver is “likely to distort the results of the municipal election.”

Elected with 37,64% of the vote, the Communist mayor of Venissieux Michèle Picard expressed a feeling of “profound injustice ” and his “complete misunderstanding.”

Municipal majority is sanctioned when no grievance against our list was selected or even mentioned by the tribunal. Perish! “has moved Ms. Picard reflects one of the arguments in the administrative justice

Identity list headed by Yvan Benedetti is punished justly , but its behavior allows the right to replay the side, “she added in a statement, adding that” the municipal majority (given) time of reflection “to Legal decide to give “to the decision of the tribunal suites.

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