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GPA, PMA. Key Debate – The Telegram

GPA, PMA. Key Debate – The Telegram

The Bordeaux event mobilis XE9 & #; between 7,500 and 30,000 people, depending ...
The Bordeaux event mobilized between 7,500 and 30,000 people, according to sources. . Photo AFP

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated yesterday in Paris and Bordeaux, against surrogacy and assisted reproduction for the lesbians couples. Beyond the struggle of supporters and opponents of these societal changes, a real debate animates the French society and the political spectrum. Four questions to understand.

1. What is the GPA and the LDCs? Surrogacy (GPA) is to bear a child (conceived by a man and a woman or conceived through donated gametes) with another woman. It allows infertile heterosexual couples, because of malformation of the uterus in particular, men and couples to have a child. This is an assisted reproductive method as PMA (assisted reproduction). The latter allows infertile couples to have a child through IVF in particular, whether or not sperm or egg. In France as elsewhere in the world, the debate today on access of these methods to same-sex couples. For them, the challenge is that of parenting. The adoption by homosexual couples is now authorized in France but limited by the number of children available for adoption, be they French or foreign origin. 2. Who is for and who is against? Both issues are extremely sensitive on both sides of the political spectrum. On Surrogacy, right and left, there is near unanimity to maintain its ban. The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who said there was favorable in 2011, promised last week, that she would remain prohibited. The Greens, the debate is open. “There is no consensus,” said national secretary, Emmanuelle Cosse. Among intellectuals, positions are also very diverse. On the left, the philosopher Sylviane Agacinski, wife of Lionel Jospin, opposes it. Elisabeth Badinter is in favor. The LDCs for homosexual couples, the debate is far more open, especially on the left. Within the Socialist Party, the issue had been resolved in favor painfully anti-PMA during the debate on marriage for all and in the development of family law in February. The government of Manuel Valls now awaiting the opinion of the National Ethics Advisory Committee to decide. It is expected by the end of the year. 3. What about the law in France? The PMA is reserved for heterosexual couples infertile. The use of a surrogate mother is also strictly prohibited. A ban upheld by the law, since 1994, but on these sensitive issues, the French government is under strong pressure from European institutions. The European Court of Human Rights was forced, before the summer, to recognize children born by surrogacy abroad on behalf of their best interests. Manuel Valls continues to oppose automatic parentage for children born abroad as this would “normalize the GPA.” But the government is considering other modes of recognition. The LDCs, it is the Court of Cassation, which has to move the lines by validating, September 23, adoptions of children born PMA abroad. 4. What about other European countries? Now, seven countries of the European Union allow LDCs to same-sex couples. Only three countries allow GPA: Greece, since 2002, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, under certain conditions. In Greece, the law has just been relaxed but the GPA is limited to same-sex couples. According to Le Figaro, sixty fertility clinics are facing a flood of requests came from all over Europe, including the effect of a competitive price of 30,000 euros to 100,000 euros against the United States.

In addition

Grosse mobilization of AKI for all

Approximately 70,000 people according to police, 500,000 according to the organizers, marched in the streets of the capital. In Bordeaux, there were 7,500 for the police, 30,000 according to the collective. In Paris, the procession, which was shaken earlier this afternoon at Porte Dauphine, was dispersed quickly, in Montparnasse. Soon after, brief minor scuffles broke out between security forces and “a group of radicals who shouted anti-Republican slogans,” according to a police source. Despite the cold and leaden sky, the AKI for all mobilized a diverse audience: adults accompanied by children, young people or retirees who beat the pavement waving French flags or banners in the colors of the collective. In the crosshairs of protesters: the movement of the plane announced on family allowances, medically assisted reproduction, especially surrogacy. The issue of surrogacy has been a concern, despite assurances made recently by the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who assured that it “is and will be prohibited” in France.

“Modern Slavery”

In the Paris crowd, a pensioner is still worried a “commodification” of the family. “The next step will be that children in the store shelves and choose those they like us,” he let go. For Thibault, 30, came specially Alpine resort to a surrogate mother is to “industrialization” of “modern slavery.” Several elected UMP, including Laurent Wauquiez, Michele Alliot-Marie and Hervé Mariton attended the Paris demonstration, and a delegation of the FN with the vice president of the party, Louis Aliot and the member Marion Marechal-Le Pen. However counts reveal a slight decrease compared to the previous event, which gathered in Paris and Lyon, 100,000 people according to the police, 540,000 according to the collective.

The poll

While activists were mobilizing Manif for all, a new poll came yesterday confirm acceptance of same-sex parents in France.
– A ‘family in its own right “ More than six in ten French (61%) believe that a homosexual couple or lesbians living with children is a “full family”. 54% of respondents consider, moreover, that a child can flourish in the same way in a family with two mothers, 52% with two fathers.
– GPA and PMA divide 60% of respondents are in favor of surrogacy for heterosexual couples, respondents show themselves mainly opposed to the use of a mother. carrier for gay couples (59%). And only a small majority (53%) are in favor of enlargement PMA couples lesbians.
– Marriage for All. acquired a The marriage law for all appears to have entered usual: 57% say they are opposed to its repeal (78% among those on the left, while 60% of UMP and FN want its repeal).


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