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Members prohibit bags and disposable plastic tableware – Le Parisien

Members prohibit bags and disposable plastic tableware – Le Parisien

<- Hard dé e: 0.034119129180908 sec -> After a sleepless night, the members have completed at dawn Saturday detailed consideration of the bill on energy transition. The vote of the entire text is scheduled for Tuesday before an exam to the Senate for final adoption scheduled for spring 2015 This law, presented as a landmark text of five years, will have very real impacts on the lives of French, for such as the prohibition of the bags and disposable plastic tableware.
<- hard dé e: 0.025116205215454 sec -> Key measures of this bill.

Ban on plastic bags in 2016

The war on plastic bags will intensify. From 1 January 2016 the finest, such as those of discarded after a single use futures rays, should be banned from supermarkets. The government says nearly 5 billion shopping bags and more than 12 billion so-called “fruit and vegetables” bags are still distributed in shops. They will be replaced by bags made from organic material (corn starch, potato, etc.) and recycled into compost at home. Greengrocers will also continue to offer paper bags. In all businesses, thicker plastic bags will also be available for free or not.

The disposable plastic tableware prohibited from 2020

The disposable plastic tableware should also be prohibited. But it was not until 2020 this provision was passed at the meeting, despite the reluctance of Ecology Minister Segolene Royal, who considers this amendment, championed by environmentalists, “anti-social”. “Families in precarious situations do not throw this dish but recycle” Has she said.

MP EELV François-Michel Lambert, who defended the amendment, initially wanted to ban disposable tableware Plastic from early 2017 Behind this measure may seem trivial, the goal is to reduce waste caused by “the energy consumed in the manufacture of these products and the pollution caused when left in the wild” .

energy renovation work required

 If refacing, roofing and fitting new parts will be required to produce energy renovation. The bill sets a series of objectives: in 2050, the energy consumption should be reduced by half compared to 2012, thanks to a less greedy habitat. Ségolène Royal also sees a “lever-crisis” for the building. To support these renovations, tax relief measures are planned.

An energy check for low-income households

While it is increasingly difficult to heat and of lighting, a power check must allow beneficiaries to pay energy suppliers or capitalize to achieve work to save energy.

Lower the share of nuclear

It was a promise of the candidate Hollande. Article 1 of the bill passed Friday morning. It includes targets for the coming decades. Thus, the share of nuclear in electricity generation should be reduced by 75-50% by 2025 and energy consumption halved in 2050 compared to 2012 An intermediate target of 20% reduction in consumption was added in 2030.

Other defined objectives include lower emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by 40% between 1990 and 2030, and their division by 4 Finally in 2050, the share of renewables should be increased to 23% in 2020 and 32% by 2030, and reduce fossil fuel consumption by 30% in 2030.

The bike ride from home to work soon compensated by the employer

Employers can, if they wish, pay a mileage allowance to employees traveling by bike, or electric bicycle at their workplace. The amount of mileage allowance bike will be fixed by decree. It will be exempt from social security contributions, as an amendment tabled by the Socialist Alexis Bachelay and other parliamentary advocates cycling.

And also …

Among other provisions adopted, MEPs also voted the development of electric vehicles, with conversion premium in some cases, recycling of waste and the fight against “planned obsolescence” of products.

Located welcomes Royal and “good law”

The deputies watched very late to complete the first reading of the 64 articles of the draft law on energy transition. The debate lasted five days and ended on Saturday at 6:45. The total vote of the text will be held Tuesday at the National Assembly before consideration in the Senate.

The environmentalist Senator Jean-Vincent Place paid tribute Saturday to the work of the Ministry of Ecology. “For us environmentalists, the law of energy transition, it’s a beautiful moment, it’s a great law that has been improved through the work of Members ecologists”, welcomed Saturday Senator EELV on antenna i-Tele. “Segolene Royal is doing very well” in his role as Minister of Ecology, has he even said.

Despite the compliments, the decline of the environmental tax announced Thursday by the Minister may complicate the solemn vote of the entire bill while the majority seemed so far to support it. The Green MP Noel Mamere has already announced that he would not vote, denouncing “capitulation over the government to the lobbies.”

Meanwhile, Segolene Royal, too, has seemed satisfied. On his Twitter account Saturday morning the Minister of Ecology hailed a “good working atmosphere.”

The night was very long indeed for members. Environmentalists MPs Cécile Duflot Pompili and Barbara could not escape the arms of Morpheus.


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