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Environmental tax. Royal buries the project – The Telegram

Environmental tax. Royal buries the project – The Telegram

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In Brittany region eccentric, the mobilization of economic against environmental tax was particularly strong .. Photo François Destoc

Before the summer, the government had already decided to replace the eco-tax charge of sling Breton red caps, with a “pay-transit” for heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. This time, it seems that this is the coup de grace: Ségolène Royal announced yesterday suspended “indefinitely” of this new toll defusing at the same time, a strike by hauliers announced for next week but incurring the wrath of environmentalists.

1 A suspended “sine die” Highly contested -. Especially by the red caps in the fall of 2013 in Britain – and repeatedly postponed, the environmental tax heavyweight was a new episode, perhaps the last, yesterday, after a meeting of nearly three hours between the Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, and federations of motor carriers, tolls transit trucks, introduced in June by Ségolène Royal
to replace the environmental tax too controversial, has, in turn, was suspended indefinitely. 2. Carriers cancel their strike Emmanuelle Cosse, national secretary of Europe Ecology – Les Verts (EELV), said she was “shocked” that “the day we discussed the law on energy transition, we will not be able to have other practices in traffic. ” This file is “becoming a financial scandal in scope to the state,” added the Hulot Foundation. The federations of motor carriers (UR, FNTR), which threatened to block the country next week, on the contrary, showed their satisfaction and canceled the planned strike. “We noted the practical difficulties that arise in business and, if implemented like that, so blind, could threaten jobs,” said Minister for his decision. “Between the shortfall of a contract, anyway, we’re going to overhaul the economic and financial cost, social, strike or a lock of important infrastructure for the country, the choice is quickly done, “she added. For his part, Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, hailed “a wise decision because the device had become incomprehensible. We must find a lasting solution and simple, “he has advocated. 3. Ecomouv ‘: “anomalies” in the contract For Ségolène Royal, the contract signed by the Fillon government with Ecomouv’ Franco-Italian consortium for the development instead of the environmental tax and its collection, to be paid 40% of the toll revenue transit pose “still a problem” and has “a lot of anomalies.” She wants the overhaul, arguing that the government “does not (have to) accept things manifestly disproportionate”. Asked about the cost of a breach of contract with Ecomouv ‘, which would be close to one billion euros, she refused to give a figure, sitting on the launch of a “legal expertise” to determine “what are the responsibilities.” A Senate investigation concluded in May that the public / private partnership has been conducted regularly, but the complexity of the system has led to cost overruns. 4. Highways sought to compensate for the shortfall? Without the nearly € 400 million that was to bring the toll to communities and the Funding Agency transport infrastructure in France, he will now have to find another way to fund transport infrastructure. The motorway concession operators in the viewfinder of the government since the publication in September of a report by the Competition Authority alleging a situation of “annuity”, could be invited to put their hands in the pocket. “My priority is the removal of profit highways. It’s still common sense and it is a polluter pays principle “, has been said yesterday, Segolene Royal.

In addition

Christian Troadec, spokesman red caps. “Suspension, even indefinitely, unwilling not tell suppression. We are wary of the hype. We remain very vigilant. I also note that the government of Manuel Valls, who boasted there was little he did not give in to ultimatums, nevertheless, and fortunately fell against carriers … “ Jacques STIRN responsible CFDT, for Ecomouv. “It’s a massive blow. In June, the government pledged to set up a lightweight device that allowed to maintain 200 jobs Ecomouv ‘and 130 Customs employees specifically assigned to this mission. What is the word of the state? And how can it be exposed to nearly 800 million euros in penalties for breach of contract? “ Cheritel Joel, president of MEDEF Britain. ” This is very good news. That levy tax was the most ill-conceived of the Fifth Republic! He was losing 600 million euros to companies for a net revenue for the State of € 350 million. As for the alternative device, it taxed all carriers, they pass on écotaxées roads or not. Now we need the government to understand that the solution is not to raise new taxes, but to save money. “ The collective Breton economic actors. ” welcomes with relief the decision due to Segolene Royal. Time was lost but the key is saved: repealing environmental tax, the government has chosen to use. “ Marc Le Fur, UMP Côtes d’Armor. “I fear (…) a Machiavellian maneuver of the Government to justify the higher price of diesel for motorists by removing the environmental tax. “ Ronan Dantec, environmentalist senator Loire-Atlantique, rapporteur on road transport. ” Consumers once victims are still lobbying, since replacing a heavy tax burden which would have affected road users, it is a tax on all households that will weigh research in emergency funding. “ Coop de France.
“The FNSEA, Coop de France, ANIA and CGI are relieved that common sense has finally prevailed. They ask that all stakeholders and users of the road freight transport is associated with thinking about upgrading infrastructure
. “


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