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New troubles for the executive: Macron challenged PS, PRG … – Le Nouvel Observateur

New troubles for the executive: Macron challenged PS, PRG … – Le Nouvel Observateur

PARIS (AFP) – The executive is facing new troubles, Emmanuel Macron having sown stupor PS wishing to reform unemployment insurance, and the last ally of the executive, the Radical Left Party , making threatening.

The statements of the Minister of Economy, for which he should “not be a taboo or posture” on unemployment insurance, have the effect of bomb with Socialist leaders gathered in the National Council, while Hollande seemed to have concluded this difficult chapter.

The First Secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis reacted sharply before the opening session of the National Council on “parliament” PS: “The left has no taboo, but it has some totems, especially the fact that when the president speaks, the ministers use”

East. -this an estoppel in this project? “Absolutely,” ruled Mr Cambadélis.

Francois Hollande had stressed on Thursday that there was “enough issues that we should be busy and that we show that we are making meaningful reforms to the employment, “reframing statements attributed to the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, according to which the question of the amount and duration of unemployment benefits in France should” be refreshed. “

The first secretary of the PS lamented that the words “awkward” the minister’s Journal du Dimanche had concealed what he had said a recovery in the economy. “It was interesting, that’s the right topic. Again, you have to go there, we have concrete and there, Mr. Macron is in his role proposals,” he said.

About Mr. Macron, a socialist leader confided that during the in camera, “everybody was beating on him.”

“If Jean-Christophe wanted Cambadélis win the conference, it will be very difficult to do on Macron online and even on line Valls “quipped the official. “Especially if there is (Benedict) Hamon, who took the thickness since leaving government.”

Many personalities PS had slammed Emmanuel Macron in the morning.

– Macron’s colleagues to his rescue –

In the evening, the Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian came to the rescue of his colleague Bercy: “He finds it everyone finds: that the system of unemployment insurance is in deficit of 4 billion euros (…) This must be remedied without taboos or posture “

Claude Bartolone, President. PS of the National Assembly, spoke of “phrase maladjusted” and Ecology Minister Segolene Royal “small blunder vocabulary”

Another disruption to the National Council. requirements of the Party Left Radicals (PRG) calling for the withdrawal of several government measures.

M. Cambadélis worn calming

a language dealing with this threat last ally in the PS government majority, which casts doubt on his remaining in government. “I am ready to discuss, exchange and find ways to a top out of this situation, “said the socialist leader. “I would advocate a constructive rather than impeachment process.”

About the life of the party, Mr. Cambadélis welcomed plenty of contributions to the work of activists of the States General, to be completed a charter on the socialist identity. The deadline for submission of abstracts has been postponed to early November.

He reiterated that the date of the Congress Socialist Party would be known next month when several representatives of the left wing of the party claimed the meeting as soon as possible.

The First Secretary announced the release of 4 million leaflets to “shed light on what is said by our opponents and what we do.”

“A UMP,” said he accused “has committed a chase between the main leaders (…) the Liberal highest bidder, an offensive against our social model.”


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