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Politics: Malaise left after the statements of Emmanuel … – Paris Normandie

Politics: Malaise left after the statements of Emmanuel … – Paris Normandie

The statements by the Minister of Economy, for which he should “ not be a taboo or posture ” on unemployment insurance were the bombshell with Socialist leaders gathered in the National Council, while Hollande seemed to have himself ended this difficult chapter’s first secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, reacted curtly

. “‘ i> The left has no taboo, but it has some totems, especially the fact that when the president speaks, ministers apply . “

Is it a late bar to this site? “Absolutely,” Jean-Christophe ruled Cambadélis on his arrival at the Mutuality in Paris.

replied to Emmanuel Macron, who in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, found that it was ” not be a taboo or posture “on this subject, in the left debate on whether to revise the amount and duration of benefits.


But three days earlier, the head of state had held, about a possible reform of the unemployment insurance, that there was “ enough issues that we should be busy and that we show that we are making meaningful reforms to employment i <> “. What was seen as a reframing of Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who reportedly told British journalists on Monday in London, that the question of the amount and duration of unemployment benefits in France was “ be rested . ” A little later, Manuel Valls had nevertheless been far more cautious before the French press.

The most virulent statements young minister (pinned once for talking about illiterate workers) reactions emanated unsurprisingly of the left wing of the PS.

As usual, we are regressing. That is to say, we start to see that the solutions of the opponent, those on the right are the solutions that must be made by the left ‘s’ is exasperated MEP Guillaume Balas.

This is a new challenge or a new ball or new quack. And it is regrettable , “scolded Emmanuel Maurel, of” Now the left “, one of the two sensitivities of the socialist left wing. “ There are better things to do than point fingers at individual responsibility unemployed ,” has tackled the rebellious Laurent Baumel.

Claude Bartolone wanted to restore calm. “ I call on all members of the government, all political leaders (to) pay attention when there is a measure announced ,” said the president of the National Assembly. “ Listings fantasies, I am wary when there is a proposal that is on the table and, at a stroke, generates anxiety in an already troubled country , “which asks” we going to remove . “

PRG angry

Too often, causing tensions, is that we do not give an overall sense of all the reforms that in order to pursue “, criticized the former Minister Dominique Bertinotti.

But the perils for Francois Hollande, and Manuel Valls have also specified outside PS: his last ally, the PRG will submit a long and precise pact of government, which it determines its continued support. The radical left, with three ministers, multiply requests for removal of strong and recent announcements such as the removal of the first tranche of the tax on income or savings measures of family policy. The warning came three days before the start of the complex discussion of the budget for 2015.


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