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Abandonment of environmental tax: Ségolène Royal on the defensive – Echoes

Abandonment of environmental tax: Ségolène Royal on the defensive – Echoes

+ VIDEO MP EELV Cecile Duflot Friday denounced the lack of political courage from the government. Bruno Le Roux, who chairs the PS group in the Assembly, calls not “capitulate” on the subject. Michel Sapin believes it will be difficult to pay the motorway companies

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Following the announcement of the abandonment of the environmental tax, the Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal is on the defensive, faced criticism from environmentalists but also with reticence from his own camp.

MP EELV of Paris and former Housing Minister Cécile Duflot, has indeed criticized the denial of the government. “ I considers that this is a disastrous error “Has it launched Friday on RTL (see video below).

Abort environmental levy , has she added, c is 450 million euros will miss to work and bus . ” And between the compensation of Ecomouv ‘consortium which should manage toll collection and loss to the coffers of the agency funding transport infrastructure French (Net Dssets), it considered the bill this report “sine die” ecological tax “roughly two billion on only 2 years .”

Beyond the observation budget deficiency, she lamented the lack of “ Courage policy ” for the majority: “ When it comes to take action, there’s nobody “. Evoking a “double punishment “, ecological and economic, it is outraged: “ Do you think that there are two and a half years when I agreed to joining the government, I imagined that we would give up the eco-tax, increase the diesel to charge individuals instead of truck drivers, which would jeopardize the unemployed and have a policy that is going to against ‘public transport

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I am desperate. Again it gives in a lobby. The polluter pays “are murdered , said for his part the member for Gironde, Noel Mamere. Positions as president of the PS group in the National Assembly, Bruno Le Roux, is not far share (see box).

Plan B

What is the shortfall? “We’ll see, we’ll appraise. And we do not make decisions absurd “, defended herself Friday to micro RMC Minister of Ecology, Segolene Royal. This new tax being in his eyes “ neither fair nor realistic nor effective” she said renounce “without qualms “.

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It also reaffirmed its commitment to implement a Plan B which is to tax motorway companies? “ I wish motorway companies are allowed to participate. Motorists have paid enough “. He added: “ I ask motorway companies to make an effort on behalf of the national interest and in their own interest as well.”

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Replace flat the issue of motorway companies

A little later in the National Assembly, the Minister of Ecology was arrested by the member of the Left Front, Patrice Carvalho, combining its decision to the triumph of “any road”. Ségolène Royal replied that the abandonment of the environmental tax was not part of a choice but a necessity born of “failure to apply ” expected tolling transit trucks.

“N e must find a solution that does not destroy jobs but creates ” Has she stressed, calling the Special Committee Assembly set up to review the bill energy transition to “ to address the issue of motorway companies” . “ We saw the motorway companies since their inception pay € 15 billion to their shareholders, there there as something wrong ” and “ there is no why we do not put flat this problem. “

But taxing the motorway companies may be complicated ” because of the strength of contracts concession signed by these groups , “warned Washington yesterday the finance minister Michel Sapin. “ Extremely favorable contracts, extremely well made, they provide that if there is a tax increase there must be compensation. And compensation is increased toll. Did this is a good solution, including trucks, I do not know for sure “. And conclude shaped his colleague disavowal of Ecology: “ Or if compensation is to still extend the concession, then we find that this concession is already extremely advantageous, I’m not sure that’s a good solution “.

In this regard, MP Hervé Mariton, presidential candidate of the UMP, accused of lying to Segolene Royal French Elle “ment to the French in contempt of Parliament, work parliamentarians who had clearly found an evolution, but a compromise to maintain the eco-tax, “said he said Friday on France Info” It’s a lie when Ségolène Royal said it in a very demagogic there has to tax the motorway companies how? There is a rule of law, it does not work like that, France does not work that way “, said the former minister the Villepin government, under which the highways were privatized

Bruno Le Roux. “I do not wish there was capitulation on environmental tax “

I do not wish there was capitulation on environmental tax “, said Friday on Radio Classique and LCI, Bruno Le Roux , chairman of the PS group in the National Assembly. “ This is a tax that is born evil, which was poorly prepared since 2009 and which is a good idea. Then there was this gas plant Ecomouv ‘that has been mounted. There great irresponsibility on the part of carriers. They must understand that a truck uses more transport infrastructure and therefore it is necessary that it is not based simply on the French taxpayer “.
Bruno Le Roux, who is preparing a report to avoid the disappearance of the “ French flag ” in transportation, environmental tax file was not closed. It should be “overhauled again and everyone must take responsibility. Parliament and the carriers will also” . “There will be a majority in the National Assembly, hopefully with the Greens. On the issue of the environmental tax, nothing is left ,” Has he concluded, with many optimistic. For
Cécile Duflot has not floated any doubt on this point: “ Vote a budget that is absolutely not able to improve the situation of our country, I do not see how it ‘ is possible (…) it makes no sense “, she has said this morning on RTL. According to her, “this budget there is not a majority of 2012 ” to which she belonged.

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