Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Insurance: the double discourse of the government – Le Figaro

Insurance: the double discourse of the government – Le Figaro

ANALYSIS – Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron are right to put on the table the issue of the reform of the unemployment insurance scheme. But they were wrong not to say in the spring during the renegotiation of the agreement and would not extend the exemption granted in June in the entertainment industry.

The controversy over possible reform of unemployment insurance does not fall. A week after Manuel Valls lit the fuse by saying from London that France had opted for mass unemployment generously compensated, each day passes with a lot of comments and opinions more or less surprising. The latest ones are from Alain Juppe and Thierry LEPAON. “We have a system that maintains compensation for two years at a high level, said the mayor of Bordeaux, UMP candidate for the primary in 2016 The question arises (what to do) to encourage those who do not necessarily seek work-and we know that there are a proportion among applicants for jobs-to return to the labor market. ” As for the head of the CGT, he castigated Le Parisien the rules that make that “France is one of the few countries where only one unemployed person in two is compensated.”

A bottomless pit

The Hexagon, in any case, has a knack for creating controversy where there should not be. For what is the situation? Unemployment insurance scheme has a deficit, year after year, of € 4 billion since the beginning of the crisis and its debt will come close to $ 25 billion in late 2015 a bottomless pit … The last brokered convention in the spring by employers and reformist unions plans to conduct about 400 million euros per year (full year) savings, by cutting here and there on a few items of expenditure but without touching the core of the system.

So, can we continue? Obviously, no, it is the responsibility of those in government, the Prime Minister at the head, remembering. Especially that the cumulative deficits UNEDIC count towards debt that has surpassed 95% of GDP. Manuel Valls, Emmanuel Macron and others are right to put the social partners, who manage the unemployment insurance system and define the terms, their responsibilities and to emphasize the need to put “the appropriate time” clocks on time. Any controversy on this barren spot …

Double harmful speech

The problem, as there is always a catch, is that you do not hear them say the same speech before the summer during the renegotiation of the agreement. They were instead not the last to criticize the reformist flights MEDEF who wanted to tackle harder and frontally plan deficit. And make even more money (at least $ 1 billion per year) than those written down in the new agreement.

Worse, they even held a highly detrimental doublespeak. Not to say bustles. Because while calling for an overhaul of the unemployment compensation system to encourage job seekers to return to work more quickly, the government issued a decree on Tuesday to extend no end date, that is to say at least until the end of the said agreement, the waiver granted in June in the entertainment industry, according to the information of the daily The Opinion . And, for electoral reasons completely uneconomic.

The Prime Minister had decided before the summer to take care of the state, until the consultation with their representatives is held, the further deferred compensation of artists and technicians of the show. An estimated 100 million per year gift, which helped limit the damage in the festivals of the summer, and while the social partners had decided to intermittent contributions to reduce their deficits, which reached an annual billion euros. But a gift which contradicts the call for responsibility issued by the executive on the entire system.


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