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Bastien Millot cofounder Bygmalion, Nicolas Sarkozy tip – Europe 1

Bastien Millot cofounder Bygmalion, Nicolas Sarkozy tip – Europe 1

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Indicted last week in connection with the case of false invoices and accounts UMP campaign Nicolas Sarkozy presidential election in 2012, Bastien Millot broke his silence. In an interview with The Express , the co-founder of Bygmalion reaffirms “totally unrelated to this case.” “I have never been notified of any billing dispute with the UMP as part of the presidential campaign,” he says

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“This is the candidate who signs the country” However, Bastien Millot does not hesitate Nicolas Sarkozy to point the finger, while former president assured to have “learned the name of Bygmalion long after the campaign.” “Even Exterior, hard to believe that Nicolas Sarkozy was aware of anything,” said Bastien Millot. One who is now attorney gives several arguments. For him, “it is the candidate himself who signs the campaign account at the end, with a legal and financial responsibility. Makes it difficult to imagine that he has signed it without looking.”

In addition, Bastien Millot believes that the major resources deployed for the campaign make the implausible assumption that Nicolas Sarkozy was not aware: “If you chose to do 44 meetings, and that it is decided to provide keyframes on hand to television, which requires making as director of TV paid thousands of euros, as set development, as a makeup artist, it takes three huge meetings work – Villepinte Concorde, Trocadero – and we brought the militants by trains and coaches full, the candidate can not totally ignore the calculator turns “

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He clears his friend Cope “To be clear, he could not know, but if he does not know.. is that its employees were afraid to tell him, “says Bastien Millot which, however, clears Jean-Francois Cope, of which he is a close:” I can believe Jean-Francois Cope when he says he was not aware of the details of the campaign expenses of Nicolas Sarkozy He always made sure to stay away from housekeeping “issues

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