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Energy Transition: the UMP block debate – Europe 1

Energy Transition: the UMP block debate – Europe 1

Europe 1

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INFO Since Monday, the draft law on energy transition, driven by Ségolène Royal. is debated in the National Assembly. And after four days of intense discussions, Article 1 has still not been passed. At issue, according to the elected representatives of the majority: the filibuster of the opposition, which multiplies the amendments. Some 350 have indeed been filed around this single item while the bill has 64 articles and nearly 2,500 amendments

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On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, at 1 am, the hearing was suspended while there were still forty amendments to consider. As the day Thursday is reserved for the consideration of two bills of the UMP in a “parliamentary recess,” the debate on energy transition will resume on Friday. And since the UMP have already exhausted their time on Friday will be a “day of monologue,” said the keynote speaker of the UMP Julien Aubert (photo). MP for Vaucluse – who made news this week by being penalized financially by the Speaker of the National Assembly – the main opposition group being “de facto private talk time”, he did not participate in discussions first reading to “protest against the unacceptable conditions of examination.”

“regrettable” attitude Royal . A posture that greatly annoys the majority members, starting with environmentalists:

The Socialists are also biased against maneuvering the opposition. “From the beginning, you are deliberately in the chronicle of a departure announced, looking for a reason not to vote this good text for the environment, employment, purchasing power and made obstruction” launched the Socialist Christophe Bouillon. The Ecology Minister Segolene Royal launched the UMP it was “regrettable” their obstructionist tactics to “join tonight your constituencies”

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The nuclear core of the problem This article sets out five targets, including halving the energy consumption in 2050. compared to 2012 the government are adding ed via an amendment, an interim target of 20% reduction in consumption from 2030, in line with the European Climate and Energy Package 2030 menu of the EU summit on 23 and October 24. The UMP mainly criticized the reduction in the share of nuclear in electricity generation from 75% to 50% in 2025, speaking of “unrealistic” goal, from a “compromise” with the election of socialist environmentalists and promising to have a “tremendous impact on the economy” and employment. The formal vote will take place on October 14.


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