Monday, October 13, 2014

Influx of migrants in Calais: Police show for … – TF1

Influx of migrants in Calais: Police show for … – TF1

“This gathering is meant peace, no racist connotation. This gathering is not against the migrants ” warns a policeman in his hygiaphone. They are farmers, residents and police, several hundred of Calais showed Monday. Thirty tractors, a dozen trucks and a hundred cars took part in a go-slow, which started shortly before 11:00 a roundabout near the port to take direction from the center of Calais via a bypass. A delegation was to be received in the sub-prefecture.

“Police officers can no longer ensure the safety of Calais and theirs, which is why we ask the Minister of the Interior strengthening of the police force” , said during a speech Thierry Depuyt, union SGP Police Unit FO regional manager. The number of migrants present in Calais where they try to sail to Britain, considered an Eldorado has quadrupled since the beginning of the year to 1,500, according to the prefecture of Pas-de- Calais. They mostly come from East Africa and settled in informal settlements and squatter settlements. There are currently “2000-2500 migrants in Calais,” said Thierry Depuyt ,. “Thousands are waiting at the gates of Italy to head the British Eldorado” Has he said. “This explosion of migrants in Calais has local effects on the housing market and for the safety of people and property,” said Mr. Depuyt.

“It is not enough to intervene”

Farmers attended the rally. “We suffer the damage of migrants on our crops in our fields,” he told AFP Pierre Lavallée, responsible FDSEAs Calais. “They squat farm buildings,” he has said. Gilles Debove, Head of Unit union SGP-FO police, “all citizens of Calais realizes that the situation is becoming increasingly difficult.” “It is not enough to intervene,” Has -there said, claiming 20 additional police positions of public safety (in addition to currently present 160, note) and 30 additional posts for the border police (PAF). He pointed to “rising crime”: “there is a lot of theft of laptops, shoplifting, attempted rape” and spoke of “the aggression of a shopping last week.” “This is an isolated incident,” he told AFP the departmental director of public safety of the Pas-de-Calais Thierry Alonso: “a trading was robbed his till last week Four migrants. “

” Most noticeable complaints of mobile phone theft, “said he said. “In a district of 100,000 people, was bound to be elements of criminality in relation to the size of the population, is not due to migrants.” “We are dealing with a real phenomenon that should not be minimized but not amplify.” Two companies of CRS, 120 people have been affected since the summer to secure around the harbor, where several massive intrusions of migrants occurred in recent weeks.


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