Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Minister Macron tackles unemployment benefits, the PS indignant – La Voix du Nord

Minister Macron tackles unemployment benefits, the PS indignant – La Voix du Nord

Supporters totems overwhelmed the slayer taboo Sunday the Socialist Party. Emmanuel Macron has rekindled the debate on unemployment insurance in the morning in the JDD There should not be any restrictions or posture, there has been a reform, it is insufficient. “The Minister of Economy, however does not announce any government decision.

The SP held its national board. Many delegates have not made the trip. Those who came to Paris express bitterness to the government. “ Ministers are launching a lot of balls tests that offend us because we learn from the press ” regrets Brigitte Bourguignon, MP of the Pas-de-Calais. “ It is not our line ,” says his colleague Yann Capet. And the first federal department to erect a “ guardian totems .” Both MPs also stressed the qualities of Macron and other actions.

If this output ruffled the faithful of government, it is only the icing on the cake for the most liberal protesters. “ I do not agree to this policy contradicts our commitment to be conducted in my name ,” says the gallery Emmanuel Maurel, a leader of the left wing. “ When we minister, we must have some nerve and be part of a collective approach ton stone Saintignon. We talk finance, savings, fraudsters, but how do you give hope to the heart? “

The unrest reached all socialists. Patrick Mennucci out, the support of the minister who has never rubbed by universal suffrage are virtually nonexistent in the corridors of Mutuality. “ If there is no taboo on the left, there are totems ,” warns Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, “ and the first totem is: when the president of the Republic talks, ministers do not come back to contradict him. “Hollande has already swept this week with a wave of the hand such a reform, suggested by Manuel Valls.

Do not touch the unemployment insurance . “ can not see things from the moment where there is growth ,” said the first secretary of the PS, which credits the minister of a blunder rather than a desire provocation. In this turmoil, the party continues its general assembly until November. With taboos, totems and the whole shebang.


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