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In Toulouse, the Sarko continues his tour of disinformation – Release

In Toulouse, the Sarko continues his tour of disinformation – Release

SarkoTour, Episode 4 After Lambeth, Troyes, Velizy, the former president was in Toulouse Wednesday. The bullshit detector of Désintox followed him. It tingled sometimes at


overtime, “it was 200, 250, 300 euros a month”

INTOX. Nicolas Sarkozy since his return, promises to replace its system of tax exemption and exemption of overtime. Measure that recalled its advantage to the popular classes:

“Overtime tax-exempt and exempt it was 9.2 million employees who were able to increase their purchasing power It is said, 200, 250, 300 euros per month. But it’s the holidays! At the end of the year, it’s not nothing. “

Desintox. For sure, 300 euros per month, it is not nothing. But it’s much more than what has been received an average employee beneficiaries of the exemption and the tax exemption of overtime. Just to be convinced to put a small mathematical operation: 250 euros per month x 12 x 9.2 million employees = 27 billion euros. Six times more than what it cost for the device to sup state budget hours … In fact, the average gain for the 9 million people benefiting from the scheme was much less, as demonstrated MPs Jean-Pierre and Jean Mallot Gorges, authors of the report on the subject referent.

The device hours allow employees to win in three areas:

1) On the one hand via a exemption of employee contributions (21.5% of the “gross”) on the overtime they realized.

2) On the other hand via the tax exemption the fruit of the same overtime. The report assesses the average annual tax benefit to 162 euros … and the median 45 euros advantage (knowing that a third of tax households where at least one person said overtime was not taxable, and therefore do not benefited from this tax benefit.)

3) Finally, using the corresponding either to optimize purchasing power sup hours that were already made, but the increase the amount of extra hours aroused by the law, assuming that the promotion system sup-hour law Tepa (including the contribution holidays component) prompted employers to increase this volume. This last point is obviously very difficult to quantify, as the report recognizes. While the number of overtime has hardly progressed since the introduction of the law Tepa, it is almost impossible to know how he would have developed without the device set up by Nicolas Sarkozy.

A total , the two MEPs believe, based on data from the Budget Office, the average gain per employee per year was 500 euros or 42 euros per month, and the median gain was 350 euros per year.

Far from the 200, 250 or 300 euros monthly evoked by Nicolas Sarkozy.

An academy asked the boys to dress as a girl

INTOX . Since its first meeting, Nicolas Sarkozy repeat. It is scan-da-li-se by the way the government treats the family

“There was even an academy where the day the Women’s Day, we told the boys to get a girl. This is not a joke, it’s true! “

Desintox . And hop, hello side of AKI and for all other critics of the so-called theory like .” Except this story Nicolas Sarkozy takes the vehicle hoax, from a high school initiative swollen Figaro. All this was explained to Liberation the time.

In May, Nantes, elected the Academic Council to high school life (body elected by students) were at the initiative of a special event, called “What raises skirt “. The idea was “ to invite boys and girls, students and adults, the time of day event, to wear a skirt or a sticker” I struggle against sexism, and you ‘” .

A small thirty establishments (over 142) have followed the initiative, which therefore was not an order for the academy. That will not stop Figaro titrated at the time: “ Schools: Academy of Nantes asks the boys to get in skirt May 16 ” <. / p>

And this has not prevented Nicolas Sarkozy not to resume the canard Wednesday.

These teachers, who often are only two days in college …

On education, Nicolas Sarkozy banged hard, merccredi evening. And first with the sensational announcement of the removal of 30% of the faculty. “30% more hours for teachers, 30% pay more for teachers and 30% of teachers in less: it seems an appropriate to the situation in our country policy.” A bomb that the spokesman of the candidate, Gerald Darmanin had to correct after the fact, as recounted the Huffigtonpost. Nicolas Sarkozy, jumping 30% in 30%, would have packed. It is ultimately not about to remove a third of the teachers.

But beyond this true-false proposition, Nicolas Sarkozy has also delivered a very particular view of the teaching profession:

“I wish every teacher can devote four five hours or more to help outside the classroom of children in the institution who have trouble keeping up in class. But the truth is that with eighteen hours of service obligation, teachers often focus on two days, and there are more adults to help children in need in college or High School . “

If the proposal to increase working hours in exchange for a higher compensation is not new (Nicolas Sarkozy had already proposed in 2012), teachers will be delighted to learn that “often” , they do work – at the rate of nine hours per day, it is believed understand – two days per week.

In addition to the fact that it is almost impossible for a teacher to cram nine hours of courses in a day that often do not have as many (college, the days usually end around 16:30) Nicolas Sarkozy forget that the working time of teachers is not limited to time spent in front of the class …

A study in July 2013 on the working time of secondary school teachers stated that on average, Teachers exceed forty hours. Including twenty hours on average time spent in front of students (including overtime), but nearly three hours spent in school for activities with the educational community (meeting with parents, meeting with teachers, etc. .)

50% of crimes are committed by 5% of offenders

One of the promises of Nicolas Sarkozy is the restoration of minimum sentences for repeat offenders. On this subject, the former president has a statistical ready to use, it uses continuously since 2007, and he has repeated in Toulouse: “50% of crimes are done 5% of offenders. “

Libe Désintox has already explained that the hoax” vintage “of Nicolas Sarkozy is a diversion of most abusive of a sociological study conducted in 2001 by researcher Sebastian Roché.

The survey was based on anonymous testimony of 2,300 young people aged 13 to 19 surveyed in colleges and high schools in Saint-Etienne and Grenoble. It led to the conclusion that, on young offenders declaring themselves the most active 5% 35% committed minor offenses, 35% of serious crimes, and 60% of acts of trafficking.

A conclusion that Nicolas Sarkozy has boldly transformed into a general truth, not for the young, but for the entire crime. Despite the fact that the National Observatory on Crime and Criminal response states that there is no statistics such extrapolation.


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