Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Municipal Venissieux: the FN “in the process of organizing” –

Municipal Venissieux: the FN "in the process of organizing" –

Will there be a National Front list if new municipal election in Venissieux? In March, Christopher Boudot lamented not being able to build a list in the city, while some of the elected National Front was stamped part with Yvan Benedetti. But the prospect of a likely new election would be an opportunity for the party of Marine Le Pen to bring a list.

“I do not know if we will build a list or not. It is still a little early to tell. But we’re organizing ourselves. remobilized We activists locally to re live the National Front, in a city where the soil is favorable. remain many voters Front national in this county, the third of the department, where our party has its place “, says Christophe Boudot, a number of FN in the Rhone. Youth “Section” “, which had been reformed, working to take back the land” , he said.

“Things have changed”

“We have been accused of letting the free space to the list led by Yvan Benedetti, but it’s not. Simply, it is difficult in a city like Communist Venissieux , to be able to assert his support for our ideas. Voters FN there is pressure every day “, says Christophe Boudot, who now believes that ” things have changed “ and “the momentum for the left and the extreme left in Venissieux no longer exists” . The leader of the FN in the Rhone but already displays a goal: “If we are able to present ourselves in a potential new municipal election in Venissieux, we can discard the current Communist mayor, and I must admit that c is a prospect that delights me “.


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